10 Advantages Online Dating Has Over “Normal” Dating

Online dating may be losing the stigma that it carried a decade ago, but there are still lots of purists out there who believe that meeting people organically is the only way we should date. If you’re hesitant to cross over to the digital side of the dating world, consider these perks of online dating:

  1. You can safely assume all of your options are available. If you approach a beautiful woman in public, a ring (or, you know, the person holding her hand) is often the only thing that might suggest that she’s in a committed relationship. Although there are certainly scummy people that try to cheat on their partners on dating apps, you can generally be correct in thinking that everyone you see on the app is single, ready to mingle, and (if the app gives a gender preference option) interested in men.
  2. It’s easy to stop and start conversations whenever you want. Some people are good at graciously exiting unwanted conversations, but a lot of others would find it difficult to stop chatting with a woman you met at the bar who turned out to not be as fun to talk to as you’d hoped. If an online dating conversation ends up being a bit lackluster, though, it’s not really a cultural faux pas to simply “walk away” by either not responding or unmatching with the person. If you simply need a break from chatting, just wait a few hours to respond and pick up where you left off.
  3. You can easily filter out people you’re not interested in. Online dating apps let you set preferences such as age and distance, which is a welcome change from having to worry if the girl you thought was your age is actually just a college freshman. Plus, a lot of people put useful information in their dating bios, which can let you know if they don’t like dogs or have political preferences that differ from yours.
  4. You’re likely to waste less time and energy on unsuccessful dates. Traditional dating often requires a pretty significant investment of your time. You may end up going on a few dates with people you barely know and end up not getting along with, and while that certainly happens in the online dating world as well, the actual time you spend getting coffee with dud dates is likely to be significantly less. Being able to filter out so many prospects either right off the bat or after chatting a little bit can help ensure you’re spending your time wisely when actually going on dates.
  5. You can make progress while sitting on the toilet. Very few people who restrict themselves to traditional dating can say that they met their soulmate while taking a dump. But one of the benefits of online dating is that you can meet and chat with people from virtually anywhere, whether that’s on your morning commute or… elsewhere.
  6. You can pick the “rules” for interaction that fit your preference. There are so many dating apps out there now that you can find one that’s perfect for you whether you enjoy making the first move or are the world’s biggest introvert. Some are free, some require a financial investment, some make the woman make the first move, and some make both parties respond within a certain amount of time for the match to remain “active.” You’ll find at least one app out there for you that suits the way you’d prefer to interact with a potential love interest.
  7. You can put the best version of yourself out there from the start. Does your worst nightmare involve meeting the woman of your dreams on the one day you walked out of the house without looking in the mirror first? One of the great things about online dating is that you can be selective with how you present yourself, which means that you can upload pictures of yourself looking sharp in your Sunday best or getting your pump on at the gym.
  8. You can limit the contact information you give out. When you meet someone organically, you pretty much have to exchange numbers or social media information if you want to stay in contact with them. Suddenly, someone you really don’t know has access to your primary means of contact (and possibly every embarrassing post you made in 2009). With online dating apps, you can stick with messaging on the app until you trust each other enough to at least exchange phone numbers.
  9. You know the person you’re chatting with at least finds you attractive. One of the most terrifying things about trying to spark up a romance traditionally is that the woman you’re talking to might think you’re the ugliest guy who’s ever spoken to her. But in online dating apps that require you to match with people before starting a conversation with them, you can rest easy knowing that the woman you’re talking to actively selected you as a potential date because she thought you were good lookin’.
  10. You have way more options. Realistically, how many dating options might you meet in the real world, even if you’re trying your hardest to find someone? Online dating provides so many potential matches that there are arguably too many options available to app users. If you’re struggling to find dates in your area, downloading a dating app may be just the solution you need.