10 Online Behaviors That Could Cost You Your Relationship

Living in an internet-heavy age can make it a lot easier to meet your soulmate, but it also makes it a lot easier to screw up your relationship. While every relationship’s boundaries are different, these things are generally pretty serious don’ts when you navigate the online world unless you’re trying to get dumped:

  1. Maintaining an active online dating profile. Once you’ve established that you’re exclusive, your online dating profile needs to be deactivated and the app needs to be deleted from your phone. Even if you’re not using it to actually meet other women, keeping it “just to see what’s out there” is a huge nope when you’re in a committed relationship.
  2. “Liking” sexy pictures of other women. A little “like” can have a lot of power. Just as you probably don’t want to see your girlfriend’s name on the bottom of every photo of a shirtless hunk on Instagram, she probably feels weird about you double-tapping pictures of girls in their underwear… especially if you actually know them in real life. You can appreciate sexy photos and still scroll past them without physically “liking” them.
  3. Being secretive about your relationship on social media. Not every couple wants their relationship to be all over Facebook or Instagram, and that’s fine. But there’s a difference between keeping your relationship private and keeping it a secret. If you’re super active on social media and there’s no sign whatsoever of your significant other, it looks like you’re trying to make yourself appear single by hiding your partner.
  4. Having social media accounts your partner doesn’t know about. Having a secret meme page isn’t a big deal, but having a secret account that shows you off is sketchy at best. If you’re maintaining it for professional reasons, just let your partner know so she doesn’t think that you’re using it as a way to hide your relationship status from a side chick.
  5. Interacting with women who offer pornographic services. There’s a pretty wide range of people that this covers, so to make it simple, just follow this rule: if a woman is posting photos or videos intended for people to jerk off to, don’t talk to her. Even if your partner has no problem with porn, that doesn’t mean she’s cool with you sliding into the DMs of amateur or professional adult film stars or models.
  6. Leaving flirty comments on other women’s photos. Whether they’re your friends or internet strangers, whether they’re naked or fully clothed, whether you’re actively trying to hook up with them or not, don’t get flirty in the comment sections of women’s photos. A lot of people think that this is somehow more acceptable than sending private messages, but your partner probably won’t feel the same, and if anything, she might be more humiliated that her guy is publicly hitting on other women. If you wouldn’t be cool with her leaving a comment on another dude’s picture, don’t put that comment on another woman’s picture.
  7. Having untraceable conversations with other women. Even if you don’t discuss anything raunchy, deleting messenger conversations or strictly using apps like Snapchat to talk to women your partner doesn’t know comes across as fishy. Quick chats are one thing, but full-on discussions should happen on a platform that doesn’t erase them unless you want to look like you’re hiding something.
  8. Substituting porn for real sex. Porn on its own isn’t necessarily a problem unless you and your partner have agreed not to watch it, but it does become an issue when your sex life begins to suffer from it. If you feel like your partner is less attractive compared to the women you see on your screen, or if you’re masturbating so much that you’ve lost the desire to have sex with the person you’re dating, it’s time to cut back or get help.
  9. Spending too much time on the same woman’s profile. Search histories can make your life rough if you’re searching for the wrong things. We all occasionally creep on an ex’s profile out of morbid curiosity, but if you’re checking in on the same person every day, your fixation on her will become an issue in your relationship. Block her to eliminate the temptation and get her out of your head.
  10. Staying connected with former hookups on social media. If you’ve managed to stay platonic friends with someone you once messed around with, there’s nothing inherently wrong about staying connected with her online. However, if the only connection you have with someone is that you had sex, there’s no reason for you to be following her on social media. Even if your intentions are pure, your partner will see it as strange, and honestly, she has every right to.