10 Pieces Of Dating Advice From Women That’ll Change The Way You Date

We’ve spent our whole lives taking dating advice from our elder brother, a cool friend that always seemed to get all the girls, a dating coach, or we simply advised ourselves, but we rarely hear women’s view on what they want from us. Here are 10 things women wish you knew when it comes to dating them.

  1. Approach her and say something.  Staring at a woman for long across a bar might seem flirty to you, but she’s probably just confused and wondering what’s wrong with you. Women actually like to be approached. Stare for no more than three seconds, and then walk up to her and say a simple, “Hello”.
  2. Contact her the next day. You might have read some dating gurus online saying you should wait a week, or at least three days, to call her after getting her phone number. In reality, waiting that long is going to make you look uninterested, with the woman feeling snubbed and making it more likely for her to reject you. With most of our time being spent online, whether on our laptops or smartphones, our attention spans are shorter than ever. So if you like her, don’t keep her waiting. She actually wants to know that you desire her enough to call her up the next day.
  3. If you’re interested, act like it. The idea that it is the cool, aloof, and mysterious guy that gets the girl isn’t true in real life. Like I said before, she wants to know you desire her – it’s very important. Trying to act aloof only makes her feel ignored, and that is not good for your dating game. The reason why women seem to turn down guys that show interest is because they verbally express their desire for the girl. This just evaporates the intrigue and attraction that was created. The unpredictability is gone. The trick is to show interest in your actions. Let your actions convey your desire to her. Don’t tell her, show her. If you don’t say you love her, she can’t reject you.
  4. Be original with your pick-up lines.  Pick-up lines have been used on women so many times throughout their lives that they’ve heard them all and they know when you’re using one. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t work. Say an original, funny, and unexpected pickup line and you will get a girl’s attention. What you want to avoid is memorizing a line and reciting it to her in a mechanical way. Your pickup line should be said with conviction since you believe it and it originated from you. If it’s a funny pickup line, that’s good – though you might want to make sure that she’s laughing with you, not at you.
  5. Let her buy her own drinks. A lot of guys think that buying a woman a drink automatically makes her indebted to them, and women are well aware of this. Buying a woman anything at all, not just drinks, makes her feel like you’re bribing her to be with you since you don’t trust your conversational skills to keep her company. Most guys buy women drinks. Why not let her pick up a round or better yet, go dutch? It creates intrigue, mystery and a subtle attraction for you in her eyes.
  6. Don’t just say you’re a nice guy, actually be one.  Women love bad boys and nice guys finish last. That’s the old adage, right? As far as women are concerned, that statement is wrong. Women love it when their man does chivalrous things for them. The thing is, just don’t be so nice that you always bend over backward for her and become a pushover with no mind and will of your own. She wants a leader – a nice leader.
  7. The first date has to be surprising. Your first date doesn’t always have to go the way all first dates go – have a dinner and watch a movie. You can take her somewhere totally unexpected, somewhere adventurous. This should create a thrilling and engaging shared experience for you both. It makes your love story more exciting. Women are tired of doing the same thing with every single guy. Make it unique and special.
  8. Don’t try too hard. Trying too hard to impress her will do the exact opposite of what you want. Do away with the urge to be funny all the time. Just be genuinely interested in talking to her. Every other thing will fall in place.