10 Places To Meet Women Besides The Internet

The internet is basically a modern-day Cupid, but it comes with fears of getting catfished, among other disappointing surprises. If you’re more likely to throw the computer across the room than join another dating site, it might be time to start dating the good old-fashioned way.

  1. Join an intramural sports team. There’s no better time than the present to bust out those kickball skills you acquired in middle school. When people are working towards a shared goal, like becoming the best kickball team in the league, they’re more likely to click and grow closer. You’ll get those endorphins flowing, fight for victory, and most likely end up at the bar afterward.
  2. Work on a political campaign. Working 14 hours a day for a shared purpose that you’re passionate about in close quarters with other equally passionate people, naturally sparks up a romance. Politics can be a hot-button topic in a relationship, but when you meet campaigning with the same political views and values, you know that you already have something in common! It’ll be one less thing to argue about at the dinner table after you’ve been dating for 10 years.
  3. Take your pup to the dog park. Dogs are the ultimate wingmen. While your dogs are busy wrestling in the park, it’s a perfect time to strike up a conversation. The conversation will flow easily as you gush over your pets and she’ll love seeing your connection with your dog. It’s like a glimpse of the kind of father you’ll be. With those floppy ears and dough-eyed gaze, she’s more likely to focus on the dog than you. But don’t worry, she’ll look at you eventually.
  4. Pull up a chair at the coffee shop. Coffee shops exude an authentic feeling of community and are basically like quiet bars for down-to-earth, grounded people. Spend a day working away from your home or office and snag a table by the window. While the idea of it sounds like something out of a romantic comedy, remember that you’re more likely to find someone new by getting out in public than you are back at home. It’s worth a shot.
  5. Take a class. I know, I know – after spending 17 years of your life in a classroom, the last thing you want to do is get back inside one. But don’t you remember how easy it was to meet someone new in school? Learn to cook, draw, scuba dive or dance. You’ll learn something new and meet some new people along the way.
  6. Go to that wedding. It’s time to start committing to those weddings you were dreading this year. The romance of the evening makes a woman more open to the idea of finding romance and you just so happen to be there looking handsome in a suit. The drinks are flowing and the dance floor is packed. Everyone has at least one person in common, so it’s easy to strike up a conversation. You never know who you could meet at the single table. Be cautious at family weddings, though. Your second cousin might be hot, but she’s still your cousin.
  7. Stroll the aisles in Target. Have you ever met a woman that doesn’t love Target? If you have, can I meet this person? I have questions. Why are you still sitting there reading this when all the women in the world are currently at Target?
  8. Go to your friends’ parties. We all have that one friend who is constantly trying to set us up. It’s pretty annoying, actually. Since literally no one loves the idea of a blind date, meeting up at a friend’s party is the perfect way to get to know each other. You’ll have the option to sneak away if you have nothing in common.
  9. Strike up a conversation on an airplane or at the airport. If a beautiful woman sits next to you on the plane, you’ve hit the jackpot of the skies. She’s stuck with you for the duration of the flight, so why not strike up a conversation? If your flight is delayed, there are plenty of airport bars where you can pull up a stool filled with tons of solo travelers. That is unless you’re in Garden City, Kansas. Then, you’re on your own.
  10. Consider your options at work. We spend the majority of your time at work, so open your eyes and consider the girl in cubical 5500A. While sometimes frowned upon by HR departments, the office is a great place to make friendships that could bloom into something more romantic. Strike up a conversation with someone new by the water cooler and pretend you have to copy something when that hot girl from marketing is using the printer. You’ve got this.