10 Reasons You Are Single Even Though You Are Boyfriend Material

For some, the girlfriend experience is high up on our bucket list and it often seems as hard as touching your nose with your tongue. If you think you’re boyfriend material, yet still not getting the woman of your dreams, here are some of the things that could be holding you back.

    1. Waiting for a perfect girl. When we think about having a romantic involvement with a woman, we have a fantasy image of the perfect woman. Long hair, smooth skin, and an hourglass figure are a few of the features we seek. False expectations will disappoint you in the long run because there’s no such thing as a “perfect woman”. However, every person has positive attributes; therefore, you should focus more on finding a woman with those attributes instead of idealizing a woman who doesn’t exist.
    2. Fear of rejection. You’re attractive, funny, and generally a nice guy, but there’s one problem standing between you and that beautiful woman standing across the room: fear. It’s hard for us to say, “Hey, you want to go out for dinner?” especially if you have a macho man persona you have tried hard to achieve and maintain. However, research has shown that when we ask women out, they’re likely to accept our offer.
    3. Having nothing to offer. Women like a man who can offer more than financial support. Being able to make her laugh, provide comfort, or be her friend highly matters to women. Simple compliments to her such as “You look beautiful today,” or “You’re a smart woman” go a long way in improving the perception a woman has about you. You should take note of the small things because they go a long way in promoting your dating life.
    4. Only socializing with women when you’re drunk. We all love to have fun from time to time. Going to sports bars and enjoying drinks with our friends is every man’s cup of tea. If you find yourself meeting ladies only when you’re drunk or within an alcoholic set up, there’s a problem. It may seem enticing to you and your group of friends, however, to the women you’re trying to attract, it makes you look like just another drunk man.
    5. Being too focused on yourself. It’s not a bad thing to focus on yourself; in fact, it’s great. But when you put too much energy into improving yourself, it becomes a problem. We put much effort into improving our bodies because we think that women are more into us when we look attractive on the outside. While women are attracted to good-looking men with toned bodies, it’s important to remember these aren’t the only attributes women look for. You take an interest in a woman who’s more interested in what’s going on with you and not a woman who’s constantly speaking about herself. Reciprocate this behavior and you’ll notice a bit difference.
    6. Having too many insecurities. Similar to women, men too experience confidence and self-esteem problems. Be open about it, whether it’s because you feel like you aren’t handsome enough or don’t make enough money or whatever — don’t be ashamed of it. Deal with the problem as it is. No person is perfect. For some people, it may be a bit much for them to deal with, but the right woman will accept you and help you through the insecurities. If such feelings are left bottled up, the long-term effects become worse on us than the women we want to be with. Still, don’t go telling every woman about your insecurities — develop a rapport first.
    7. Always getting lost in the crowd. If you’re a man who hangs out with all the popular and most attractive guys, the chances of ending up the last pick in the group are a great possibility. If the men around you’re stronger, funnier or even smarter than you are, only having sweet personality may not go much of a long way as you’d expect it to. Don’t put yourself in any situation that will compromise the chances of you having a girlfriend. Think about it.
    8. Antisocial behavior. Consequently, if you’re naturally introverted, socializing will be harder on you than a man with extroverted behaviors. If you’re generally just an antisocial person who doesn’t enjoy being in the company of others, it’ll be just as hard on you as it is on the introverted class. If you’re actually serious about finding love, it’s about time you get out of your comfort zone and push yourself, step into the light.
    9. Having terrible friends. On the other hand, surrounding ourselves with friends who encourage us to go for the women who have our eyes on is very important. In contrast to this, if you hang out with a group of men who make fun of the fact you’ve never had a girlfriend or men who openly make fun of you in front of other people, start thinking of other people to spend your time with.
    10. Dressing poorly. The way you dress is also very important. If you want to attract the right woman into your life, you must be willing to dress accordingly. Do you wonder why women spend hours and money on their outward appearance? This is why. For example, if you are a man who dresses in nothing but sweatpants and baggy t-shirts, you will never attract a woman who wears classy dresses and makeup. It’s important to dress up in a way that reflects the attitude you want people to take from you.