10 Sexual Fetishes Nobody Wants To Talk About

Everybody has a sexual fetish, and for a lot of us, these strange desires can be confusing and a source of embarrassment. Many people never even mention their fetish for fear of ridicule or disgust. However, no matter how odd your particular flavor of fetish is, you can be sure there’s somebody out there with an even stranger one. Let’s delve into some of the more disturbing desires out there.

  1. My Little Pony Sex. This one is more common than you would think and is almost exclusive to adult males. Fans of this sexual fetish call themselves “bronies” and find themselves aroused by the characters from the children’s cartoon My Litte Pony. Some watch repurposed porn related to or featuring characters from the show. In other instances, fans might re-enact or roleplay scenes from the cartoons. This fetish, like many others, is likely rooted in the confusing feelings we go through during early puberty.
  2. Omorashi. This is Japanese for “to wet oneself” and yes, that’s exactly what it describes. “Omo” is a sexual fetish enjoyed by people who get aroused by a full bladder and the loss of control they experience when wetting themselves. In some cases, they will also enjoy watching a partner wet themselves. This likely derives from the adrenaline rush experienced during the embarrassing childhood experience of peeing one’s pants. It’s also known as “bladder desperation” and “panty wetting.”
  3. Diaper Bondage. Also known as “adult baby syndrome,” this particular fetish describes people who enjoy dressing up as babies. They’ll usually do this with a partner who will take the role of an adult while the fetishist acts like an infant. It almost always involves wearing a diaper and being nurtured and/or disciplined by the “adult” in the role play. It’s a subgenre of BDSM and is also known as psychosexual infantilism. It is likely a result of lack of nurturing or nostalgia of infancy.
  4. Breath Play. Popularly known as “auto-erotic asphyxiation,” this is a more physical than a psychological fetish. Lack of oxygen to the brain during orgasm can greatly improve the experience, but it’s incredibly dangerous and in general should never be practiced. However, many couples engage in this act by various means including suffocating, strangling, chest compression and smothering. Smothering a partner with your genitals is known as ‘kinging’ or ‘queening’. Breath play is part of the BDSM subgenre “edge play,” literally meaning you are putting your life on the edge.
  5. Looners. Who doesn’t find big round colorful balloon’s sexually attractive, right? No? Just me? Okay then. People with a balloon fetish are fabulously known as “looners” and enjoy incorporating balloons into their sex lives. Some get aroused from sitting on or popping balloons (or watching their partner do so) while others actually have sex with balloons. I’m not entirely sure how they achieve this but I’m kind of interested to find out if I’m honest.
  6. Hematolagnia. Also known as “vampire syndrome,” this one is – you guessed it – a sexual fetish for blood. Some fans like to drink blood while others will enjoy pouring it over their bodies or even bathing in it. The murderous Countess Bathory is most famous for this fetish and was reported to bathe in the blood of her virgin victims, believing it would retain her youth. Unsurprisingly, the Transylvanian noblewoman was also known as Countess Dracula. Presumably, today’s fetishists don’t use human blood.
  7. Abasiophilia. Getting onto the more bizarre fetishes, abasiophilia is an attraction to people with leg braces – not arm braces, neck braces or any other braces but specifically leg braces. How this came about I have no idea because I’ve had a leg brace before and the last thing it made me feel was sexually attractive. Apparently, however, there are those among us who want nothing more than to get down and dirty with a braced-up disabled person. In fact, this fetish was even featured in a cult ’90s adult film entitled Crash (not to be confused with the 2004 Hollywood film of the same name).
  8. Dendrophilia / Arbophilia. This fetish gives a whole new meaning to enjoying Arbor Day. Arbophilia is a sexual attraction to trees. Some fans are turned on by the texture of bark while others actively engage in sexual acts with trees by rubbing up against them. Trees are also seen by some fetishists as phallic symbols. It kind of shines a whole new light on hippy “tree huggers.”
  9. Vorarephilia. People with this fetish may have taken the term “eating p*ssy” a bit far. If you’ve ever been having sex and were suddenly overcome by a desire to eat your partner, you might be vorarephilic. Vorarephilia is a highly disturbing sexual fetish that involves being turned on by the idea of cannibalism. It’s obviously very rarely acted upon but there have been a few recorded cases in history, with reports of some people even offering themselves up to be eaten. Vorarephilia is a type of paraphilia (dangerous sexual fetish) and those afflicted by it are known as vores.
  10. Teratophilia. Continuing with the truly bizarre, teratophilia describes those who are aroused by people with physical deformities. The fetish has a number of different subsets including acrotomophilia, an attraction to amputees, and stigmatophilia, an attraction to scars. Some fans find monsters and disfiguration arousing while others are turned on by the afflicted or disabled. The 2013 Jonathan Glazer movie Under the Skin starring Scarlett Johanssen explores themes around this fetish. The psychological reasons behind such an attraction are unclear.