10 Signs Meeting Her In Real Life Is Going To Be A Huge Disaster

You thought meeting in real life would be awesome, but now that the date’s getting closer, you can’t help but have your doubts. Hmm, perhaps it’s best to listen to your gut, no? Along with your hesitation, here are some other signs that having an in-person date is going to end in disaster.

  1. You’re not connecting anymore. You used to be able to chat for hours via text or a dating app, but now you’re lucky if you get a few words out of her. What gives? Maybe you’ve been chatting online too long so the spark’s crawled away and died. Don’t expect fireworks on the first date.
  2. She’s changing. She used to seem different somehow, maybe more fun and easy to talk to. Now it feels like a struggle to see why you thought you were compatible in the first place. Yikes. It’s hectic when people’s true colors show. Seems you might’ve been catfished.
  3. You’re not getting along as much. Lately, it seems like she’s become more difficult, perhaps nitpicking or arguing about things. That’s not a good sign – you’ve only been chatting for a while, you’re not a married couple! If things are already looking like a complicated, emotionally-charged relationship, better back out of it now.
  4. She’s flaky. She doesn’t really make much of an effort to be constant. One minute she seems into you and eager to meet, the next she’s mysterious or going AWOL for days at a time. Ugh.
  5. You feel like you’re exhausting the conversation already. Hey, it happens. Sometimes people don’t really have much to say to each other in the long-term. They end up being those couples on a date who don’t even look at each other. Great, that’s something to look forward to.
  6. She doesn’t share your sense of humor. This is a biggie! You want the woman you’re dating to find the same things funny as you do, otherwise, you’re going to spend a lot of time feeling really awkward around each other or explaining your jokes. If she’s already not laughing at your jokes, it’s a bad sign.
  7. She dominates all the conversations. You battle to get a word into your online dating app chats. She’s always going off about something and talking about her day, her worries, her friends… Yikes. Admit it, sometimes you just want to end the chat and go talk to a wall or something. At least the wall listens. If she’s a conversation grabber now, imagine what she’ll be like when you date her in person?
  8. You’ve noticed some red flags already. There have been some major red flags that have come up which you’re struggling to ignore. Maybe she’s just recently out of a bad relationship or she’s still in touch with her ex who was the first guy she ever really loved. Maybe she doesn’t believe in love (well, that’s reassuring) or she has a crazy temper. Whatever the case, if those red flags are big enough to get your attention now, they’re probably good enough reasons not to get your hopes up about your first date or future prospects with her.
  9. You don’t feel excited. Ah, this is an important one to notice. You should feel a little anxious before your first date, even if you’re the most confident guy in town who’s been on hundreds of first dates. If you don’t feel anything, it’s a bad sign. You might end up really bored or disappointed on the first date, so listen to those feelings ’cause they’re trying to tell you something. Besides, if a woman doesn’t make you feel some butterflies, she might not be worth your time.
  10. She doesn’t seem excited. Maybe you’re amped to meet up with her soon but she’s not really showing much enthusiasm for your date. Hmmm. You tell her you’re looking forward to seeing her and she replies with a smiley-faced emoji. That’s not exactly the type of enthusiasm you were looking for! Of course, you can’t expect her to wax lyrical about the upcoming date (that would just be weird and clingy), but you should at least feel that she’s as excited as you are. Otherwise, what’s the point and why is she wasting your time? You have better things to do.