10 Signs She’s Hoping Your NSA Relationship Will Lead To Something More

You wanted a no strings attached relationship and she seemed into it, but now that you’ve started having sex, she’s showing signs that she’s actually hoping to make you fall in love (and that she’s on her way to being in love herself). Yikes. Here are 10 signs to spot before she gets her heart broken.

  1. She asks you to dinner. You might think you’re just hanging out, but be careful. If she’s inviting you out to dinner in a romantic restaurant, maybe she’s hoping it’s a date.
  2. The conversation is getting a little hot and heavy. Before or after sex, she tends to steer the conversation onto serious topics. She might want to talk about relationships and if you’ll ever want a serious one in the near future. She’s not just making conversation, she’s trying to gauge what her chances are of becoming your girlfriend.
  3. She’s getting personal. If she suddenly seems really interested in knowing you on an emotionally deeper level, then that’s a sign she’s probably hoping for a relationship to come out of your NSA arrangement. She might, for example, be asking you about your dreams, life goals, family, and more.
  4. She asks about other women in your life. You might think it’s cool to be dating other people at the same time as her, but if she keeps asking you about the other women you’re seeing or sleeping with, then maybe she’s not satisfied with your NSA relationship anymore. She could be hoping that you’ll become exclusive NSA partners or start dating properly instead of just being hookup buddies.
  5. It’s not as fun as it used to be. Hooking up with her used to be light and filled with pleasure, but lately it seems like she’s bringing heavier energy into the bedroom. She also seems to be down after sex. Although she could just be going through her own issues, it’s not a good sign if it’s affecting your NSA setup. It could be that she’s growing tired of it and wants something more real. Her feelings for you could be getting in the way of her enjoyment.
  6. She tries to prolong your time together. You’re in the habit of having sex and then heading off to do other things and it always works for you. But lately, she’s always trying to find reasons to keep you hanging around longer in bed. She might suggest you have lunch or breakfast together before you have to go to the gym or office, for instance.
  7. She invites you out with her friends. She might even suggest that you head over to her friend’s birthday party or get-together after you’ve had a sex session. Hmm. Don’t take this one lightly! Suggestions such as these are clever ways of trying to get you to meet her loved ones and maybe take things to a more couple-like level.
  8. She looks at you differently. You catch her staring at you much more than she used to. She also seems to really stare into your eyes when you speak, like she’s trying to sneak into your soul. When a woman’s interested in you, she’ll be paying you much more attention – not just with her words, but with her eyes. You might ask her what’s up when you catch her staring and smiling at you, but she might just blush or turn away. Yup, she’s got the feels.
  9. She treats you like her boyfriend. She might start behaving as though you’re already dating. Some women do this when they’re hoping that it’ll make you step up to the boyfriend plate and show them that you have feelings for them. So, for example, she might ask you to be her plus-one for her friend’s wedding, call you for help when her pipes have burst, or treat you with more care than she does her male platonic friends.
  10. She texts you when you’re not hooking up. You tend to hear from her when you’re not planning to meet up on the weekend for a hookup. She likes to drop you a message to make you laugh or share something about her day. In fact, when you’re AWOL, she’s the person who texts you to get back in touch. She clearly cares about you. The question is: do you think your NSA could ever become a relationship? If not, then maybe it’s time to send her hints that you’re really not looking for anything committed.