10 Signs She’s Not Going To Delete Her Dating App When You Become Official

You’ve had this all planned for a while now: you’re going to ask her out officially then delete your dating app and you assume she’ll do the same. Whoa, not so fast, buddy. While you may think that dating in real life for a few weeks means you’re heading towards Coupleville, she might not think so. In fact, she might not even delete her dating app. Here are some signs that she’s not going to, so don’t hold your breath.

  1. She’s been on dating apps for ages. She’s told you she’s been on dating apps for months or even years. You mean to tell me she hasn’t been in a relationship for that long? If the number of months she’s been single doesn’t quite match up with how long she’s been using dating apps, then maybe she’s the type of “dormant dater” who leaves dating profiles open so she can return to them even when she’s got someone. Yikes.
  2. She’s casually dating lots of other guys. She’s been open with you about meeting up with other guys from the dating app. While this is normal and nothing to feel frazzled about, if you’re heading to a more serious relationship, it could mean that she doesn’t want to put her roots down. Better to ask her upfront about what she wants to do with her app account and if she’s keen on being exclusive or not. You don’t want to be a number to her.
  3. She’s done shady things. One of the best predictors of the future is what’s happened in the past. If she’s already done some shady things on the dating app, such as telling you she’s unavailable to meet up for a real-life date but then spending hours online on the app when she should’ve been having dinner with you, she’s clearly not the type who’s looking for one partner.
  4. She leaves contact up to you. It’s great if she responds to your calls and texts with enthusiasm, but is she ever contacting you first? If not, that’s a worry – and it’s not a good sign of your future as a couple. It really means she’s just going with the flow instead of really investing in your relationship, and you have to wonder how long she’ll be doing that before she accepts someone else’s advances.
  5. She’s negative about dating. Although she’s fun to be around, when the topic is steered towards serious topics like love and relationships, she seems to hold some pretty negative views about them. That’s not really reassuring at all, whether you met her online or in real life.
  6. She’s got no dating M.O. Why is she on the dating app? If she’s just casually dating or seeing what’s out there, or she just wants to have some good conversation, you have to wonder if she’s just wasting her time – and yours. Most women who want to have a real relationship will be pretty forthcoming about that fact, whether on their dating profiles or when you chat with them privately.
  7. She loves single life. It’s great that she wasn’t pining for a boyfriend when she was single, but it’s a little worrying if she loves single life so much that it makes you think she might not actually want to get into a committed relationship. That could also be why she’s excited by online dating apps. They’re just a way for her to explore a little without having to date anyone too seriously.
  8. She only meets you across town. If it feels like she’s always choosing date locations that are really out of the way for both of you, that could point to a woman who’s cheating or might want to cheat in future. It’s like she doesn’t want you both to bump into certain people in her life, whether those are guys she’s met online or in real life.
  9. She’s always on her phone. It could be that she’s on the dating app when you’re out on a date (don’t go spying on her phone now), or it could be that she’s just always talking to loved ones when she’s supposed to be spending quality time with you. Both suck, and both give you the indication that she’s just not taking your relationship seriously. Why should she delete her dating app then, because she’s clearly not interested in you and will probably go back to trying to find someone else online? Yeah, it’s horrible but it’s really her loss.
  10. She says she “forgot” to do it. If you’re dating seriously and ask her if she’s deactivated her dating apps and she replies she totally forgot to do it, this is a huge sign that A) she’s lying to you—she hasn’t deleted it because she doesn’t want to; and B) she’s not planning on deleting it any time soon. Hey, if she wanted to, she would’ve done so before she slept over at your place and made you pancakes the next morning.