10 Signs You’re Being Too Aggressive With Women On Dating Apps

You hear this all the time: women want men who chase them. That might be true, but a gentle approach works best, especially if you’ve only just met on a dating app. Coming on too strongly can make you get blocked. Here are 10 signs that you’re being way too aggressive with potential dates and need to reel in the chase a bit.

  1. You don’t give them a chance to reply to your texts. You fire off a message to a woman with whom you’ve matched on a dating app but before she has a chance to properly read your message, you’re firing off another one. This doesn’t show her you’re interested, but rather that you’re way too pushy.
  2. You compliment them immediately. Bam, your first message to women is that they’re so hot or you’d love to know where they got their stunning smiles. Although you might hope this strategy is charming, it can actually be seen as sleazy. Throwing on the flattery too fast makes you seem like you’re trying too hard and that you’re a total player.
  3. You ask for pics. After a few messages, you think she’s interested in you so you dare to be naughty. You ask her if she’s down for sending you a picture of her boobs, or you ask her for her body measurements. This isn’t attractive at all and makes you come across like one of those guys on dating apps who just want to get as many nude pics as they can from a bunch of different women or who are trying to find new porn images. Major turn-off!
  4. Every conversation becomes a flirting session. No matter what you’re talking about—her day at work, the weather, what you like doing in your spare time—the conversation always heads towards sexual flirting. Ugh. It shows her that you’re just looking for one thing.
  5. You call her nicknames. You don’t even know the woman but you’re already calling her “honey” or “babe.” No, just don’t do that, ever. It looks like you’re jumping the gun, assuming that A) she’ll appreciate being called those generic nicknames, and B) that she’s already imaging herself as your girlfriend. Too much, too soon.
  6. You tease her. Again, you don’t even know the woman you’ve been chatting to, so why on earth would you start teasing her? Bear in mind that what you might think is just a joke or getting a good laugh out of her might come across to her as being extremely rude, so don’t go there. You should only feel comfortable enough to tease her once you know her and what she finds funny.
  7. You ask her about her number. You’ve been getting to know each other via the dating app and texting and the topic of sex has come up. While it’s okay to chat about sexual fantasies and the like, the last thing you want to do is come on too strongly about anything too personal. For example, asking her to tell you the number of sexual partners she’s had is a no-no. Keep the chat general and light instead of making her feel like you’re all up in her business.
  8. You send her dick pics. You could say you thought that she was keen to take talking to a sexting session, which is why you sent her an unsolicited dick pic, but honestly? There’s never a good enough reason for sending pics of your junk that she didn’t request! Ever. It’s basically forcing her to look at private images and comment on them, and it’s way too premature to do when you haven’t even met up in real life.
  9. You ask her too many questions. It’s great to take an interest in her, but if you’re always finding any excuse to ask her yet another question, you start to look pushy and annoying. For example, asking her what she’s doing right now even though you just spoke to her a few hours ago makes you look desperate. Same goes for asking her if she wants to talk on the phone when you’ve just had a text conversation. Don’t be around too much. Let her miss you.
  10. You lose it when she cancels a date. You were really looking forward to meeting up with her in real life, but then she had to cancel. You throw a fit, acting like she left you stranded on a deserted island. Slow down. No matter how disappointed you are, this makes you seem like an aggressive person, not just an aggressive dater. It’s a guaranteed way to make her delete your number and block you. Be chill.