10 Skills To Master That Are Sure To Win Her Over

Looks truly aren’t everything. Once the novelty of a person’s stunning appearance wears off, it all comes down to what they bring to the table. A woman can grow accustomed to your sparkling blue eyes, but when it comes to skills and talents, these are irresistible.

  1. Make a few solid cocktails. No, a gin and tonic doesn’t count. Whether you’re having a small gathering or just the two of you at your place, you need to provide more than just a 30-pack of bud light. Whipping up a solid cocktail shows sophistication and a refined palate. Learn to make a few cocktails really well and make sure you’re pouring them into a nice set of matching glasses. Solo cups are for tailgating, so don’t even consider it.
  2. Brush up on your culinary skills. There’s nothing sexier to a woman than a man who can cook. Seriously. A man who knows his way around the kitchen is generally confident, empathetic and willing to take charge on a date, then ultimately willing to help out around the house down the line. Yes, we can read all that from one prepared meal. Anyone can cook (have you seen Ratatouille?), it just requires some practice. Let her sit back, drink wine and watch you crush it at the stove like Gordon Ramsey.
  3. Learn how to move like Fred Astaire. Chances are, you don’t know who Fred Astaire is and that’s okay. Call up your mom and ask her to teach you a few moves, or take a couple classes with your buddies. You might even find a cute single girl in class. If you can confidently sweep a girl around the dance floor without looking totally awkward, she’ll be impressed.
  4. Become Mr. Fix It. There’s just something about a guy fixing something for a woman that makes her weak in the knees. You don’t need to be MacGyver to come across as handy, but if you have to call AAA to repair a flat tire, she might be a little turned off. Watching a man work with a drill is enough to make her drool. It might even be the equivalent of lingerie on women.
  5. Learn to negotiate better than Denzel in Inside Man. Most women hate negotiating because they just can’t stand the mansplaining they’re subjected to. Whether it’s in a car dealership or at the flea market, show her you can confidently haggle to get the best deal. While many people would consider a top-notch negotiator to be hostile or aggressive, a truly good one will get the job done like a gentleman.
  6. Be confident behind the wheel. You don’t have to be Paul Walker to show her you’ve got skills behind the wheel. From a pickup truck to Lamborghini and everything in between, a man who can handle a car is totally sexy. A guy who drives timidly, three inches from the steering wheel? Not so much. Bonus points if you know how to drive stick.
  7. Have an eye for photography. Women love having their picture taken—if it’s good. Take a photography class to learn how to take a solid picture and invest in a camera other than your iPhone. Bonus points if you know your way around photo software. Get a few candid photos of her, touch them up, and send them her way with a compliment. You’ll have her wrapped around your finger.
  8. Speak another language. I know, who has time for this, right? Download an app like Duo Lingo and learn a few words every day. You don’t have to be bilingual to impress a woman. If you’re traveling to another country, learn just enough to get around confidently and she’ll melt into a puddle on the sidewalk.
  9. Have the ability to describe a glass of wine without the typical adjectives. If you’re anything like me, your eyes roll so hard that you head rolls with it when hearing someone describe a glass of wine in a pretentious way. Like, “a refreshing waterfall in Costa Rica on a mild day”. Don’t do that. But having a greater understanding of wine than “oaky, buttery or spicy” is pretty sexy. Wine is a great conversation starter and if you know how to order it and what to pair it with, she’ll be impressed.
  10. Know your way around the outdoors. Build a fire like a boss. Point north at any time without a compass. Be the guy that can lead her out of the woods when you’re lost using landmarks like the mountains or the following a creek downstream. Learn about some bird varietals so that you can point them out along your hike. Pick up a berry that you know isn’t poisonous (be really sure, though).