10 Style Tips For Big Men: Looking Good At Any Size

Despite what you might read in magazines, there’s nothing complicated about dressing well. You may think that you need to look like Channing Tatum, but developing a solid sense of personal style is all about presenting your body in the most flattering way possible. If you’re a bigger guy, this realization is especially key.

Whether you’re big-bellied, broad-shouldered, or big-boned, you can look stylish with a few tweaks to the way you dress. It’s all about presentation, and the goal is to make your body look as flattered as possible. It’s also important to cultivate a sense of style that makes your personality shine, one that is unique to you. Don’t worry – we’re here to help.

  1. Buy clothes that fit. I know that seems simple and trite, but you’d be surprised at how many bigger people either wear their clothes too tight or too loose. Granted, it can be hard to find clothes that fit if you’re a bigger guy. Have your clothes tailored to fit if you have to or shop at specialty stores that cater to larger men. Your clothes should hang lightly over your body. They shouldn’t be snug or overly tight/loose.
  2. Keep it simple, stupid. Avoid patterns wherever you can. Stripes and other patterns can have an overwhelming effect coming from a bigger person. Simplicity is key. You want mostly solid colors and your clothes should be lightweight. Try smooth fabrics that lay comfortably on your body. They’ll be more comfortable and ultimately more flattering.
  3. Don’t wait for your ideal body. You might think that you will one day lose the weight, so it’s pointless to waste your money on nice clothes that might one day be too big. Stop waiting for your ideal body and treat yourself to clothes that fit and feel good now. The better you feel, the more energy you will have to focus on more important things.
  4. Wear lightweight fabrics. Not only do heavier, thicker clothes serve to make you look bigger, they also contribute to sweating, which only serves to make you more uncomfortable with your body. Choose smooth, lightweight fabrics that will make you look thinner and keep your body relatively cool, especially in warmer temperatures.
  5. Don’t underestimate the importance of accessories. For example, you may want to swap your belt for a pair of suspenders. A belt will throw your clothes out of position, sliding your pants underneath a big belly. Suspenders will hold your pants exactly where you want them. You might also consider wearing a hat. This will expand your vertical space and make you look slimmer.
  6. Keep your facial hair trimmed and neat. Whether you decide to be clean-shaven, grow a goatee, or sport a full on beard, it’s important to remember to keep it well groomed. If you grow a beard, make sure you shave the hair from your neck. If your beard is patchy, shave it off. Facial hair can make a man look sophisticated and sexy, but only if it’s apparent that you take care of it.
  7. Consider dressing in layers. Not only will it give you more freedom to deal with changes in the weather, but it can also make you look slimmer. If you wear lighter colors underneath of dark outer colors, it will create a vertical line down your torso. This will cause people to focus on the line, which will make you look slimmer.
  8. Consider wearing bigger bling. Because you’re a bigger guy, proportion is everything. If you accessorize with a watch, for example, choose one with a bigger face. Bigger accessories can add some pizzazz to your presence.
  9. Make sure your necklines are in proportion. Every part of your neckline should be in proportion to the rest of your body. Chose wider ties and wear shirts with broad collars. This will help keep your head in proportion with your body. It makes a major difference to your overall appearance to follow this tip.
  10. Embrace your personality. Your clothes are the first forms of communication that people have with you. Are you a goofball? Then wear something simple and fun. Are you more serious? Don’t be afraid to dress up. Make whatever works for you really work for you.

The best style tips for big men involve keeping things in proportion. Your mission is to present your body in a way that is flattering that also shows your personality. You don’t have to wait until you have the perfect body to feel good about yourself. Be stylish right now. You deserve it.