10 Things You Think She’s Into That She’s Actually Not

You turn up to a date hoping that the woman you’re meeting up with didn’t see you drive up in your old, beaten up Toyota because you think women want a man who’s got a nice car, right? But you’re wrong! Here are 10 things that women don’t actually find attractive in a partner even though you think they do.

  1. A great car. Let’s start off with that car you’re so worried about. You might think that she’s going to want a guy with a gorgeous, expensive sports car because it’s a sign of status and money. But guess what? Chances are she’ll wonder what you’re overcompensating for by rocking up in a Porsche to pick her up. Only an immature gold digger will care about the kind of car a man owns.
  2. Bulging muscles. Yeah, she might perve over a shirtless Channing Tatum, but honestly, what a woman really wants is what muscles represent: strength. It’s worth noting that a guy who’s lean can be equally (if not more) powerful than a guy who’s bulging from his biceps. Physical strength is limited, FYI. Real strength is emotional and mental, and that’s what will attract her.
  3. A huge penis. Let’s bust this myth once and for all! Women don’t really care about the size of a man’s penis. Even if they want a large penis, “large” really depends on the woman in question. A penis that’s larger than eight inches across the board isn’t going to appeal to every woman. In fact, for some, it can actually be painful instead of sexy.
  4. Bad boy tendencies. Bad boys seem to get all the women even though they treat them badly. But here’s the thing: a grown woman of quality will want a man who treats her well and is a good guy. This is especially the case if she’s dated toxic bad boys in the past because then she’ll know that they’re really not as amazing as they seem in books and movies.
  5. A guy who’s loaded with charm. You’ve seen how that guy with all the smooth charm gets the best women, but don’t try to steal a leaf from his book because it’ll backfire. Here’s the thing: a guy who isn’t naturally charming shouldn’t try to be because he’ll just come across as sleazy and look like he’s trying too hard. Instead of charm, she’ll be more impressed by a guy who has a great quality that’s unique to him.
  6. Wallets overflowing with money. Sure, money talks, but it doesn’t talk to her. She’s building her own empire and she doesn’t need your cash because she’s making her own. If this doesn’t sound like the type of woman you date, then you need to change your dating type instead of your bank balance.
  7. A guy who gets jealous. You might think that women want a guy who’s going to be jealous and protective, but honestly, that’s not what makes a man. In fact, if you’re jealous or protective, you’re going to make her think you’re a psycho. Give her some space to do her thing. You don’t have to jump through hoops to impress her.
  8. A guy who’s a doormat. Maybe you’ve dated women in the past who seem to want to steamroll over the guys they’re dating, but don’t think that all women want to find men who are doormats. That’s total BS. What they really respect is a guy who has a strong character and knows himself. He has to have a spine!
  9. A guy who turns up with roses at every date. A guy who’s romantic will always score points with the women he dates, but there’s a misconception out there about what it really means to be romantic. A woman doesn’t need to be wined and dined, spoiled with roses and chocolates, and showered with gifts. Too much of that can actually make her wonder what the guy’s hidden agenda is because it looks like he’s trying too hard. Romance is really about how you make the woman you’re dating feel and has nothing to do with material goods. Make her feel she’s the most amazing person in the world by giving her attention and showing her you really care.
  10. Lots of texting throughout the day. Yes, a woman wants you to talk to her regularly, but that doesn’t mean you should be sending her loads of texts every day. Too much of that can make her fear you’re a stage-five clinger. The trick when it comes to texting and calling is to figure out what texting pattern she likes. Does she want a guy who texts her every day, or is she cool with contact a few times a week? Does she like phone calls or prefer texting? Watch how she communicates and pay attention to how often she reaches out to you. Every woman’s texting mojo will be different, so don’t assume she wants her phone glued to her ear 24-7.