11 Things That Matter More Than Penis Size To Her

You might think sex with a woman is all about the size of your penis, but honestly, she cares way more about these 11 things when you’re between the sheets.

  1. Your overall sexual performance. Not to freak you out, but she’s going to care more about how well you fare in the sack rather than the size of your penis. Really, your penis size doesn’t really tell her what sex with you will be like. She’ll care about how much you pleasure her specifically, so don’t think that there’s some universal law about whether you’re good or bad in the sack. You have to take the time to figure out what she wants to be 100% satisfied.
  2. Your face. She’d rather look at your face than your penis. Seriously. Make sure you look after yourself because it’s really your eyes and smile that she’ll be thinking about later. Go on and make eye-contact during sex. It’ll make her explode.
  3. Your mouth and what you can do with it. Kissing is one of the most underrated acts of intimacy and sexiness. But here’s the truth: how well you kiss matters more than your penis size. If your kiss makes her feel nothing, she’s not going to want to undress you and see your penis, so really it’s a starting point for great sex.
  4. How you smell. Not just down there, but all over. If you smell sexy and clean, she’ll be more likely to get up close and personal with your junk, no matter what size it is.
  5. How much you care about her sexual needs. You can have the biggest penis in the world, but if you’re selfish in bed, you’re not going to score any points with her. She wants to feel special and loved in the sack, so focus on her pleasure instead of yours.
  6. Your confidence levels. Don’t ask her what she thinks about your penis and don’t send her pictures of your junk as though fishing for compliments on your penis. These things just make you seem insecure, which is a total turn-off no matter how large your penis is.
  7. Your unique sexiness. She will notice things that are sexy about you in unique ways. For starters, your personality matters more than your penis. She’ll think about how much you made her laugh and how you made her feel both inside and outside the bedroom. When it comes to your physical attributes, she’ll probably think about your toned back and that sexy scar on your left cheek. It’s all about the details for her.
  8. Your attention to foreplay. If you’re rushing into the main event of sex, she won’t feel lots of pleasure. Take her to greater heights of sexual satisfaction by focusing on foreplay instead of your member. Take the attention from your body to hers and you’ll make the best impression on her.
  9. Your attention to her sexual satisfaction. You don’t need a large penis to make her climax, so get that out of your head. What you need is to figure out what she likes and dislikes, and make sure that the entire sexual experience is focused on making her feel good. A woman can enjoy sex without reaching orgasm, so really, it’s more your approach to sex that she’ll be attracted to rather than your penis.
  10. How creative you are. She wants to be with someone who isn’t afraid to try new things in the bedroom and keep things on fire in the sack. If she’s with a guy who’s got a big penis but is boring AF, he’s not going to do her any favors. So yes, technique and creativity trump size any day of the week.
  11. How well you communicate sexually. As great as your penis might be, it’s not going to communicate with her about sex. If you can talk to her openly about fantasies, likes and dislikes, and what you want more of in the sack, she’ll have a greater sexual experience. In fact, in a Penis Perception Survey by sex and relationship expert Kristen Mark, a whopping 77.6% of respondents voted communication as being more important than penis size. In fact, a guy who can communicate openly is really sexy, mainly because he cares so much about giving his partner pleasure. As they say, the brain is the sexiest organ. Show her how big and open yours is!