11 Things You Should Know About Prostate Orgasms

Heard of the P-gasm? It’s basically an orgasm you have when your prostate is stimulated. Here are 11 important facts to know about it so you can try it out the next time you’re with your partner.

  1. Prostate orgasms really are a thing. While you might not really have heard of prostate orgasms, they’re really worth exploring because they’re deeper than penile orgasms while also lasting longer! It’s pretty much like the male version of her G-spot orgasm.
  2. It’s like a regular orgasm, only better.  Here’s a good reason not to be freaked out about trying to have a prostate orgasm. The prostate produces seminal fluid, which means all your regular penile orgasms start with some kind of prostate stimulation. Really, this is just making your orgasms even more earth-shattering.
  3. It’s all about the P-spot. The P-Spot is basically the prostate gland, which is located between the bladder and penis. Reaching this spot during sex can bring you to higher levels of sexual satisfaction.
  4. You need to know how to find it. It’s really not hard to find the prostate. It’s basically about three inches from the anal canal and one inch across it. You can find it behind and above the deepest portion of the penis right below the bladder. But…
  5. To get there, you need to try anal. To make it really easy to find the prostate, you first need to be comfortable with the idea of anal penetration. Right, then, to find the prostate, you need to insert a finger into your anus. Get some lubricant first so that it doesn’t hurt, and enter your anus while curling your fingertip towards your navel. The prostate gland should feel like a ripe, firm fruit. And, if you press it and feel the sudden urge to pee, then you’ve definitely located it!
  6. You might orgasm immediately. This isn’t guaranteed, but it could happen. Stimulating the prostate is considered a faster way to get sexual pleasure for many men. So if you want a quickie with an explosive climax at the end, P-spot orgasms are the way to go. However, if you find it difficult to use your finger to stimulate the prostate gland, consider anal sex toys such as prostate massagers that will make the experience easier and more satisfying – and your sex partner can use them on you too. Bye, vanilla sex! Things just got a whole lot sexier.
  7. It’s actually really common. If you feel a bit weird about anal penetration, consider this: a LELO study found that 71% of straight men are willing to experience prostate orgasms. It’s a total myth that only homosexual guys engage in anal penetration!
  8. They can boost your erections. Here’s a good reason to try the prostate orgasm: with prolonged use, they can lead to firmer erections, according to the same LELO study. Wow. This is because massaging the prostate gland boosts blood flow to the penis. More circulation means firmer and longer erections. Nice one.
  9. They come with other benefits. There are other health benefits to engaging in prostate stimulation. One of these is that it can help prevent erectile dysfunction. This is thanks, again, to how it increases blood flow to the penis. It’s all about circulation, guys! Another benefit of prostate stimulation is that it clears the ducts of toxins which can get in the way of the prostate’s functioning and can lead to lots of health issues, such as bladder infections or enlarged prostate glands.
  10. Your prostate is full of nerve endings. The prostate is a really important part of male sexual pleasure because it contains lots of nerve endings. In fact, it’s been said that there are just as many nerve endings in this gland as there are in the clitoris—we’re talking 8,000 or more, my friend, which is double the number of nerve endings that are found in the penis.
  11. It’s a full-body experience. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a full-body orgasm, then prostate orgasms are for you. They’re said to create sensual sensations all over your body, not just in the penis, which is what you currently experience through masturbation or penile sex. It’s time to try the P-spot orgasm, don’t you think?