12 Signs She Cares More About Money Than She Does About You

Dating almost always comes with a motive. Some people want to meet their soulmate, fall in love, and get married while others are simply looking to have fun. Then there are those people who have money on their minds, otherwise known as the gold diggers. While some men may be okay with dating one of them, most of us want a woman who, as the song says, “likes me for me!” Here are a few ways you may be able to tell if your girlfriend doesn’t want you as much as she wants your money.

  1. She doesn’t have a job. This one should be obvious. Sure, there may be a good reason for her being unemployed, but if she’s not working or has a low-level position and is making no effort to change that, it’s possible she’s expecting someone else to foot the bill for the rest of her entire life. If a woman shows no career ambition whatsoever, you’re right to suspect that she may be a gold digger.
  2. You met her someplace upscale. Yes, it could be a sheer coincidence that you met her at a country club or a high-end clothing store, but maybe she goes to those places in hopes of meeting men who have money. Admittedly, this sounds a little paranoid, but you have to admit, it’s definitely possible.
  3. She doesn’t care for cheap but thoughtful gifts. Did she not care for the small candle, inexpensive knick-knack, or the keychain from your last business trip that you got her? Granted, you didn’t spend a lot of money on those things, but they show that you were definitely thinking of her. If that’s not enough for her, it could mean she’s only interested in receiving expensive jewelry and other high-priced gifts. From there, you can draw your own conclusions.
  4. She’s used to getting her way. Did your girlfriend admit to you that she’s used to getting her way? That could mean that the men in her life, going all the way back to her father, have always showered her with attention and presents. It also means she’s going to expect you to keep that up, so when you stop spending money on her, she’s likely to bolt.
  5. She asks what your parents do for a living on your first date. There’s a lot of time for the two of you to talk about your families. If she’s eager to find out what your parents do, she may be sniffing around for family money. Most women will want to know what you do for a living soon after meeting, so that’s not always a good way to tell if she’s just looking for a rich guy. But if she’s eager to learn about your background, she may have an ulterior motive in mind.
  6. She orders the most expensive thing on the menu. Yes, the lobster stuffed with crab meat is delicious, but it also costs twice as much as anything else on the menu. If she orders costly things knowing you’ll be picking up the check, watch out. This means that she has expensive taste and expects someone else to pay for it.
  7. She never offers to pay. While we’re at the restaurant, let’s talk about women who never offer to pay or split the check. A lot of women will insist on splitting the check in the name of gender equality. If you date a girl who won’t even fake like she’s reaching for her wallet, she’s probably in the market for a guy with money. She’ll say thank you and call you a gentleman, but she’s really just trying to flatter you while aiming to take you for every penny you’re worth.
  8. She’s the hottest girl you’ve ever dated. You may think you’ve hit the jackpot if you score an unbelievable hottie, but who says she’s not thinking the same thing? When money is involved, women will date men who are well below their level of attractiveness. This is a certifiable fact—just look at the late Hugh Hefner as Exhibit A. If she seems too hot for you, she probably is and she’s probably with you for your money. I’m not saying you can’t play along, but you should know she likes your money clip and not your personality.
  9. She’s overly eager to sleep with you. Again, no one’s saying you can’t go along with this, but if you mention your high-paying job or your trust fund and she’s suddenly eager to jump into bed with you, she’s a potential gold digger. She thinks that by sleeping with you, you’ll take the lock off your wallet and start spending lavishly to keep her happy and make sure she keeps sleeping with you.
  10. She’s obsessed with her appearance. Yes, all women like to look good, but for women who seek out rich men, it becomes an obsession. They think if they look like a million bucks, a man will spend a million bucks on them. Essentially, they think that looking hot is their ticket to marrying rich.
  11. She won’t spend quality time with you. Oh, she’ll go out to a fancy dinner or spend the weekend at a nice hotel by the beach, but if she doesn’t want to just hang out and talk with you for an extended period of time, she’s not really into you. Try putting a pair of ham sandwiches and a couple of juice boxes in a picnic basket and going to the nearest park. If she doesn’t want to spend a few hours sitting on a blanket talking, you’ll know she’s all about an upscale lifestyle and not that interested in being with you.
  12. Her friends seem obsessed with money. Much like elephants, lions, and dolphins, gold diggers tend to travel in packs. A woman may try to hide her lust for money early in a relationship, but if you meet her friends and they show signs of being gold diggers, it’s fair to suspect your new girlfriend of being one as well. Sure, that may seem a little unfair, but you are the company you keep, as they say.