5 Things Your Girlfriend Wishes You Would Do

Maybe your girlfriend has seemed a little unhappy with you lately. Maybe she seems frustrated, or bored, or maybe she seems perfectly fine. Regardless, there are plenty of things you can do for her that will make her so much happier—here are just a few of them.

  1. Surprise with flowers or a small gift for absolutely no reason. Surprising your significant other with a beautiful rose, bouquet of blooms, or a small gift you know she really wants or could really use is extremely thoughtful. It shows her it doesn’t have to be Christmas, Valentine’s Day, her birthday, or your anniversary for you to do something that makes her smile. She’ll love it and you all the more. Heck, she might even make an Instagram post about it and rave about how sweet and wonderful you are.
  2. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, make it a big frickin’ deal. The last relationship I was in had the guy asking me in November if I cared about Valentine’s Day. “Well, not really, but—”  was my reply before the jackass interrupted with, “Oh good!” Fast forward to Valentine’s Day. My-then-boyfriend texted me “Happy Valentine’s Day” and also said “God I miss your vagina.” (It was a long-distance relationship.) That’s something you say to a hooker. So while all my friends and acquaintances were showing off what their wonderful husbands and boyfriends did for them on Valentine’s Day via social media, I got to feel really bad. My dad gave me some flowers to cheer me up and I explained to my boyfriend that VD meant more to me than I thought. He promised to do better the following year, but I broke up with him for being a jerk long before that.
  3. Since we just mentioned being selfish, please remember that it’s not all about you. One of the many reasons I ditched my boyfriend is because he was so incredibly selfish. The world revolved around him and that was it. He ignored me whenever he felt like it in addition to criticizing me and humiliating me in public… but I digress. I wanted to scream a line at him from Sex and the City: “I’m in this relationship too!! I am a PERSON in this relationship!!!” So don’t be like my jerk of an ex-remember that your girlfriend is your fellow human—a human who would like your attention. Does this mean you should smother her? Hell no. What it does mean is you should remember that she’s there and that she exists and act like it.
  4. Post about her on social media. I see it time and time again: the female in the relationship posts pictures of the male a whole heck of a lot, usually with a caption about how great he is and how much she loves him. The guy, in turn, posts the occasional pic of her, usually with other people or sans caption. So post about your girl and remember to always tag her. Post a picture of her on Instagram mentioning how beautiful she is or how lucky you are, or tag her in a Facebook post celebrating her birthday or anniversary. There’s no need to go overboard, but there is the need to let the public know you have a girlfriend and aren’t looking. Social media platforms are just that—public—so ignoring your girlfriend online is almost as bad as doing it in real life. It will make people wonder if you actually care about her or are still in the relationship. Do you want your girlfriend getting asked if things are okay between you two and her subsequently questioning whether they are or not? Of course you don’t.
  5. Be more social. Dating a guy who refuses to go anywhere or do anything is so incredibly boring. What’s worse is a dude who partied hard or otherwise had a very active social life and now couldn’t care less about traveling, going out to dinner, playing mini golf, or doing anything else. She does what you want to do, so why not return the favor? You may not be jumping to do everything she wants, but doing it anyway is a great show of love and faith. You don’t want her complaining to her best guy friend about how boring you are, because don’t think that dude won’t use it as an excuse to sweep her off her feet—and away from you. Do you have to do every single thing your girlfriend wants? No. What’s important is making an effort. Girls go nuts when you make an effort.