5 Types Of Selfies Every Guy Should Have On His Dating App And 5 Ones To Avoid

The main image you have on your dating profile is the first thing women will see. It can make the difference between women clicking on your profile to learn more about you or running for the hills. You need to make sure you’ve got the right selfie to make a good first impression on potential dates. Here are five examples of selfies to have on your profile, and five to avoid like the plague.

  1. DO: A photo that shows you in clear lighting. This is a definite yes! Remove those sunnies and take a photo of yourself in clear, good lighting. Outside in natural lighting is best. This is a simple but really effective way to get more attention because you’re being real, and real is refreshing.
  2. DO: A picture of you smiling. You might think those guys who master the brooding, mysterious selfies get more women, but honestly, they can look pretty ridiculous. This is a dating profile, not a fragrance photo shoot, FFS. When you smile, your face lights up and you show women that you’re not temperamental or trying too hard, both of which are sure to score you points.
  3. DO: A picture that shows your great life. Women want to see that you’re excited about your life and have passions, so post an activity shot. It might be of you playing sports, swimming, or one of you during an interesting trip to India. When your photo is full of life and energy, this will rub off on potential dates.
  4. DO: A picture that includes important people in your life. Avoid those pics of you standing with an ex-girlfriend whose body you’ve conveniently cropped out, leaving just a hand around your neck. Instead, include a picture of yourself with your family, friends, or pets. It works in your favor to show women that you’re loved and can maintain relationships other than romantic ones. However, it’s worth pointing out that your main image should be a selfie of you without anyone else in it (although you could pose with Fido, if you like). This just saves the confusion of who you are in those group shots.
  5. DP: A recent picture. Please, guys—always have recent images on your dating profiles. If you’re posting pics from 10 years ago, you’re just sabotaging your chances because when someone meets you in person, they’re going to see the difference. Rather be real right from the start and show that you’ve got nothing to hide.
  6. DON’T: A car selfie. This tops the list for the pics to avoid on your dating profile. Seriously, a picture of you sitting in your car—or worse, standing next to it—just makes you seem silly or like you’re trying to show off about your set of wheels.
  7. DON’T: A gym selfie. Another selfie to avoid is the one of you in workout gear or working up a sweat at the gym. So you exercise regularly and you have calves of steel as a result? So what? You just look like you’re trying to get attention if you post these types of selfies. Plus, much like the car selfie, they’ve been done so many times they’ve become lame AF.
  8. DON’T: Anything in which you’re half-naked. You don’t want to look like a thirst trap by posting images of yourself half-naked, like with your shirt off or in tiny shorts, or in a bath. Come on. It’s better to leave something to the imagination. Besides, if you’re dressed well, you’ll be able to impress women with your style – I can guarantee you that will mean more to them than seeing you half-dressed.
  9. DON’T: Any picture that’s blurry. Another selfie that’s surprisingly common is that dreaded blurry shot. What’s up with that? Maybe it was an action shot that didn’t quite go as well as it could’ve, or it’s something you thought looked artistic. No, it doesn’t—it just looks like you don’t want to show your real face to the world.
  10. DON’T: A picture of you doing something “manly.” It’s surprising how many guys post pictures of themselves doing what they consider to be masculine. This includes the classic “posing with a fish I just caught” shot. Not only is it going to turn away vegans and animal lovers, but it just looks like you’re trying too hard to be seen as The Man. Same goes for images of you holding a gun (weapons are always a no-no!), lifting weights, or drinking beer.