5 Ways To Instantly Make Yourself More Attractive To Women

I’ve heard it from my guy friends soooo many times: “Why can’t I get a girlfriend?”; “Why don’t women find me attractive?”; “Why do I get rejected constantly?” and so on. What do these guys have in common? They don’t do much to make themselves attractive to the fairer sex. If you’re a dude with similar complaints, use my handy guide to instantly make yourself more appealing to women.

  1. Clean thyself and eat a frickin’ breath mint. I’m constantly amazed how many guys go to social meetups and the like without doing simple things such as washing their hair, putting on deodorant, brushing their teeth, and trimming their nails. Yep, you read the last one correctly. If you want to make a woman throw up in her mouth and never talk to you again, by all means, don’t cut your nails or shove breath mints in your face. If this were the 1500s, no one would blink about you smelling like a barn and having the breath of something that died, was brought back to life to bake in the sun, then died again. Since days of yore are just that, give yourself a thorough cleansing and trimming, including any rouge beard hairs, before stepping out. Consider a nice cologne as well, preferably one that works with your body chemistry. A great scent is one of the many keys to attraction, after all.
  2. Stop slouching and stand up straight. You know that saying about standing up straight to lose five or 10 pounds immediately? Yeah, it’s a real thing. Poor posture not only makes your gut stick out and discourages the opposite sex from approaching you, it also makes you seem less confident. Stand up straight to show women everywhere that you are sure of yourself and ready to take on any challenge. Confidence is always sexy.
  3. Stop looking at her boobs. Seriously. Most women are not going to appreciate you staring at their breasts instead of looking into their eyes. Once you’re dating or in a relationship, feel free to stare away, but until that time, don’t act like a boob-obsessed perv. No self-respecting female will go out with you if you do little more than slobber. Show her you take her seriously and are not just after her ladies. She’ll appreciate it. A lot.
  4. Refrain from acts of neediness and don’t be pushy. If there are two things women abhor in men, it’s neediness and pushiness. Insisting that you’re going to make her your girlfriend or trying to make out with her on the street under the guise of “showing her off” aren’t charming qualities, they’re creepy. Don’t pout if she doesn’t respond enthusiastically to your advances or have an attitude when you don’t get your own way. Don’t be that needy, pushy guy. Again, no self-respecting woman with a brain in her head is going to find that attractive. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t demonstrate your interest and want to see her frequently, it just means don’t be a weirdo about it.
  5. Show no fear. As I mentioned earlier, confidence is insanely sexy. Muster all the gusto you have and approach the women you want, even the ones you think are too good-looking for you. Well, here’s a fun fact: attractive women are people too, and most aren’t going to laugh in your face for talking to them. If they do, it’s a sad commentary on them, not you. Smart and beautiful women love dudes who walk right up to them, introduce themselves, and start asking questions. They can smell fear, so show none.
  6. Ask her questions about herself and her life and really care about the answers. Asking her about herself is yet another way to demonstrate your interest. No one wants to go out with someone who only talks about himself all the time and has little to no interest in anything she has to say.  If you’re genuinely into her, you should want to get to know her and that means you’ll have to ask to find out. Whether it’s about where she grew up, what she’s doing in her career, the latest book she read, or the trip she took abroad last summer, there are endless things to get to know about her and you might just discover some more common interests.