6 Household Fixes Every Man Should Be Capable Of

Every guy out there wants to prove to his partner that he’s a “real man” capable of solving the world’s problems (and especially all of hers). What better way to do that than to take some tools in your hands and fix something in the house? There’s nothing a woman loves more than a man who can fix stuff around the house because it’s sexy when he knows how to do things with his hands. Can you do these six things? If not, you need to brush up on your skillset ASAP.

  1. Unclog a sink. This is a fairly straightforward one. Sinks get clogged all the time. They’re disgusting places where hair, soap, and all kinds of crap gets stuck. And then the water around it gets all brownish and muddy and a whole alphabet of diseases gets born there – you get the picture, it’s freaking disgusting. Thankfully, fixing it is easy and not exactly time-consuming. Here’s what you need to do: Simply pour some Drano into it and let it be for a couple of minutes. Then start creating a vacuum with the plunger until it’s unplugged. You may need to this a couple of times before it’s totally clear, but it’ll definitely work. In rare cases, you’ll need to go under the sink – but that is something better left for a professional.
  2. Loosen a sticking keyhole. If there’s anything more annoying than coming home after a long day at work where you’ve been bombarded with endless emails from co-workers and an annoying boss who’s terrible at his job, I don’t know what it is. On top of all that, your grocery bag broke on the stars and the old lady next door saw your six bags of chips on the building floor – she used judgment on you and it was super effective. The last thing you needed was to come home and try to jiggle and twist your key into the keyhole – at this point, you just want to break in into your own apartment. A simple trick to fix this is powdered graphite, available at most hardware stores. Just pour this sucker into the keyhole and watch your key slide into it. See how simple that was?
  3. Silence a creaky door. If there’s one thing that reminds me that I have ghosts in my apartment, it’s the creaky doors. This is so annoying and it almost always happens when the doors are almost closed and then you hear them open up with that Ghostbusters sound. Luckily for us, this can be fixed in five minutes. Use a spray lubricant called WD-40 on the door hinges and open and close the door for 20 seconds – it will take care of all the ghosts in your place.
  4. Fix a leaky showerhead. Wrap the nut in electrical tape for protection – don’t want you getting electrocuted. Unscrew, pop the gasket out, clean up the pipe, and put the new gasket in. Done in less than 10 minutes. It sounds complicated but a quick Google search will pull up a step-by-step picture guide that will make this a total cinch.
  5. Use a utility knife. When you read all of this, you are thinking of a large toolbox needed for all these repairs. But it’s simple and easy as in having an all-in-one-utility-box called a utility knife. First of all, this good-looking fellow will impress the lady of your apartment. You’ll show her that you can fix almost anything with just one tool, which is pretty cool. You can use it for breaking down a box, stripping the insulation from a wire, scoring and folding cardboard, and plenty of other things. A utility knife is a must have because it makes you go from hand to handy-man.
  6. Fix a wobbly chair. This is quite a common problem in any household and it shouldn’t be since it’s so easy to fix. Fixing a chair is a straightforward process but the older ones can have a small twist to it. Nonetheless, what you do is put some wood glue around the end of the stretcher and inside the hole and push it together. The only thing tricky here is that you need to clamp it overnight so it dries in that position – just use a ratchet strap around all four legs. See how easy that was?