7 Products That Will Make Manscaping Much Easier

If you’re not regularly manscaping, you should be! Keeping yourself well-groomed isn’t just more hygienic but it also makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. Here are 7 manscaping products that should be in your bathroom cabinet.

  1. Manscaped Lawnmower. Not just a cool name, but the Mansaped Lawnmower is a great trimmer because it’s been designed especially for sensitive areas as well as those which are hard to reach – yup, like those little nooks and crannies in your genital area. A bonus is that this trimmer actually has safety guards on it so you don’t have to end up with rashes or cuts, or worse, a snip that lands you in the ER.
  2. Mangrooomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver. While you’re manscaping around your genital regions, don’t forget about your back. A hairy back isn’t attractive, and chances are you want to avoid anything like waxing, which can really hurt. This shaving tool leaves you with a smooth, stubble-free back, and it’s got a handle that makes it easier to reach the right spots and angles so you can shave your back yourself instead of asking a buddy to do it for you.
  3. Nivea For Men Sensitive Shaving Gel. Using regular shaving cream or soap to shave your genital area can lead to unwanted irritation and redness. This isn’t just a nuisance but looks gnarly too. That’s why you need to lather up with the right shaving gel. Nivea For Men Sensitive Shaving Gel will help you clean up the area without irritating your skin, which is great because there’s nothing attractive about bumps and razor burn. This product’s packed with aloe to soothe inflammation and it’s extra thick in consistency to give your skin the moisturizing it needs.
  4. Vaseline Intensive Body Care Lotion. Once you’re done with eliminating hair in your genital area, you’re not finished. You really shouldn’t skip the final step of moisturizing your skin. Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion is unscented and gentle so that it keeps your skin feeling smooth and looked after once you’ve removed hair in the region. Moisturizing your skin after hair removal is especially important because underwear and clothing will rub against the skin, which can cause inflammation and bumps that crop up later. Moisturizer helps to protect the skin against those unwanted side-effects, so don’t forget to smear it on!
  5. Lab Series Pro All-In-One Shower Gel. If you’re shaving your testicles, you want to be extra careful not to cause irritation because the skin on them is so delicate. You not only want to avoid cutting them or causing razor burn, so prepping your balls for shaving is an essential part of your manscaping ritual. Use a product like Lab Series Pro LS All-In-One Shower Gel, which is a body wash that produces a rich lather to clean the skin of any germs, oil, and dirt, creating a clean landscape for you to shave your hair. It’s also gentle on coarse hair, so it’s perfect for pubes, while its cushion-like texture helps to protect your skin from nicks while creating a better razor glide. Perfect for when you don’t have all the time in the world to get your manscaping done.
  6. Fresh Balls lotion. This product is another great one for your testicles. It prevents bacteria and moisture from being produced in the groin area that can leave you with an unappealing body odor. You definitely don’t want to turn up to dates with that problem! Think of this lotion as deodorant for your balls. Best of all, it’s easier to use than powders because it doesn’t create clumps and since it’s talc-free it won’t leave you with that powdery smell that makes you feel like you’ve been raiding your grandmother’s bathroom cabinet.
  7. Kent slim Jim comb. Sometimes if you’re cutting long hair in your genital area (yeah, it’s been a while since you manscaped, fine), it’s possible to get an uneven trim if your hair becomes flattened against your skin. That’s why lifting the hair with a comb before shaving, such as with the Kent slim comb, helps you to get an even, perfect trim. Just don’t forget to clean up the bathroom afterward as you don’t want bunches of hair around.