7 Products You Need To Upgrade Your Grooming And Hygiene Habits

If you’re still using really old skincare products (check those expiry dates, guys!) or you haven’t changed your deodorant stick in ages, it’s time to give your bathroom cabinet a makeover. Here are 7 products to invest in today.

  1. A fragrance-free moisturizer. If your skin is sensitive, you’re just giving it more drama by using a moisturizer that has a fragrance in it. FYI, if it burns or tingles when it’s applied, it’s not good for you! Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, avoiding fragrance is better for you because it means you’re putting fewer toxins on your face. And let’s be honest, there are enough of those all over the place. Try La Solution 10 De Chanel. It’s filled with polyphenols and theanine to keep your skin strong against daily stressors while having no scent to irritate your skin or nose.
  2. Deodorant that stops you sweating so much. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having soaked underarms on a date or worrying that all that bacteria in your underarms is going to start giving you B.O. any second. Ugh. Ditch your current deo and buy Certain Dri instead. It has antiperspirant ingredients that are of prescription strength so you can stay fresher for much longer, and your confidence will rise at the thought that you can wave your hands around without feeling insecure.
  3. An antioxidant-packed serum. A serum is lighter than a moisturizer and often packed with lots of vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to look its best. It also seeps all the way down into the deepest layers of your skin to nourish it all over. Try Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster that contains antioxidants such as Vitamin C to protect your skin against aging as well as UV damage. Vitamin C also has a brightening effect on your skin, which means you’ll get a gorgeous, radiant complexion that women will love. It shows them that you take care of yourself, and that’s really sexy.
  4. A hydrating shaving cream. Toss out that old shaving cream in favor of a new one that’s got the smarts to nourish your skin while giving you a perfect shave. Try The Art of Shaving Cream Oud. It has lots of skin-moisturizing ingredients as well as essential oils to keep your skin baby-soft. It also avoids any synthetic dyes that can irritate your skin. Isn’t it finally time to say GTFO to razor burn? Well, now you can, and for good.
  5. A nourishing lip balm. You don’t want to turn up to a date with chapped or flaky lips, so invest in a high-quality lip balm like Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF25 in Natural Mint & Shea Butter. It’ll keep your lips nice and soft for ages thanks to the nourishing Shea butter. The bonus? Your lips will taste like refreshing, tasty mint, which will increase their kissable factor in one swipe.
  6. An exfoliating scrub. Exfoliating is a must to do once or twice a week. Look, if you’re not getting rid of flaky dead skin cells on your face, they’re making you look older and giving you a dull complexion. That’s why you have to use a face scrub before moisturizing your skin to seal in all that good hydration. Try Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Face Scrub. It doesn’t just have a cool name—it has unique ingredients such as green clay and volcanic ash to eliminate dryness and clean dirt from your pores so you can put your best face forward. I promise, exfoliating your face will feel so good, you’ll want to do it all the time.
  7. An anti-sweat sunscreen. If you exercise regularly outdoors while wearing sunscreen (if you don’t SPF, there are no words), it can be annoying to work up a sweat that removes your SPF every time. Well, now that doesn’t have to happen anymore. A product you need to get your hands on is Neutrogena’s Cool Dry Sport. It’s not only a broad-spectrum product that protects your skin against harmful rays but helps the sweat evaporate off your skin while preventing your sunscreen from dripping off. That means you can continue with your outdoor workout while keeping your skin safe in the sun. Bonus: it’s an oil-free formula, so it won’t irritate your acne-prone skin.