7 Signs You Have Low Penis Confidence

There’s so much to worry about when it comes to your penis. You might fear that it’s not big enough, hard enough, doesn’t ejaculate enough, etc. But if these worries are regularly on your mind, they can lead you to have low penis confidence. That’s not doing you or your member any favors! Here are 7 signs that you need to boost your feelings about your nether region because it’s ruining your sex game.

  1. You compare your penis to other men’s. Hopefully you’re not being weird by checking out other guys’ penises in public bathrooms (just don’t go there). However, maybe when a nude movie scene comes on or you watch porn, you can’t help but compare your penis to those guys’ ones and feel bad about yours. FYI: those penises are probably not really that big in real life.
  2. You worry about your number. You might feel paranoid that your penis is less than average in size, but guess what? Contrary to what you might think, the average penis isn’t really that big. In a study that was published in the Journal Of Urology International, when researchers studied the penises of over 15,000 men, they found that the average flaccid penis length was 3.6 inches and the erect penis was 5.2 inches. That’s really not all that big.
  3. You ask your girlfriend about your penis. A lot. You tend to ask your GF what she thinks about your penis on a regular basis, and sometimes even do this during or after sex. You might, for instance, ask her if she’s happy with what your penis is like and if it’s big enough for her. Although you might be tempted to know the answers to these questions, asking her all the time can make her feel like you’re vain or too penis-obsessed. It also tells her that you don’t have faith in your penis’s ability, which is sad.
  4. You ask your girlfriend about her ex-boyfriends’ penises. This is taking things too far and is a sure sign that you’re suffering from low penis confidence. Trying to compare your penis to those of your GF’s exes can make things awkward in your relationship while giving you unnecessary stress. Why worry about things you can’t control? Besides, even if the men she’s previously slept with had the biggest penises in the world, she’s not with them anymore, is she?
  5. You worry about finding her G-spot. Much hype is made about the female G-spot, but before you get frazzled about how to find it and if your penis will be large enough to get there, here’s a heads-up: it’s located between 5 and 7 cm inside her vagina. Now, if the average erect penis is over 5cm, then you’re probably good to go and don’t have anything to worry about. Another heads-up: the G-spot gives her great orgasms but it’s also overrated. There are many other ways to pleasure her, such as through clitoral orgasms.
  6. You worry about hygiene. It’s normal to worry about the way you taste or smell down there, but women will love your penis just the way it is (so long as it’s clean), so don’t think you have to take three showers before meeting your GF for a date. That said, it’s always a good thing to have one shower beforehand so that you’re fresh. If you do this and still feel funky, then maybe you just need a bit of manscaping. Cleaning and trimming your pubic hair helps to prevent body odors from becoming trapped in your pubic hair.
  7. You worry about your flaccid penis. It’s been shown in movies and sitcoms before: a guy gets embarrassed by women seeing his flaccid (and really small) penis. This is especially when he’s standing in a cold room. But you know what? You should stop stressing so much about how your penis looks when it’s not erect. Women know that penises change, in the same way that breasts swell a bit when it’s cold or women are going through PMS. Besides, you might be a grower instead of a shower – and that’s a really good thing for your GF. Why? Because penises that are smaller in size when they’re flaccid lengthen by a greater number when they’re erect than penises that look bigger when they’re flaccid. Growers win out every time.