8 Fundamental Things To Understand About Women

People often say that women are complex. Yes, that’s true, but so is everyone if you think about it.  While every woman is different, there are a few things they have in common that are important to know if you want to have a successful relationship. If you’re a little clueless, here are a few pointers.

  1. Women value comfort. But they also want to look nice for you and at their place of work. Women feel powerful in heels (wouldn’t you?) but man, do they hurt at the end of the day. For women, looking good can come at a physical toll. So if you see your lady lounging in pajamas at the end of the day, tell her if you think her natural state is cute — she’ll appreciate the fact that even with minimal effort, she’s still super attractive in your eyes.
  2. Women aren’t always at odds with each other. There’s probably a guy or two you just can’t stand for some reason. For women, if they don’t like someone, they may be a little more vocal about it than you. But that doesn’t mean a quality girlfriend will have a hard time keeping female friendships. In general, women are extremely supportive of each other. They want one another to succeed and feel like it’s about time for women to really get the respect they deserve at work. The stereotype that women often have it out for other women is, quite frankly, a little damaging.
  3. Women’s voices aren’t heard as much as you assume. It’s easy to be in a bubble if your point of view has always been heard. Women really do have it a little tougher. Sometimes, valued and well-educated opinions are completely disregarded just because they were formed by a woman. With time, hopefully, this type of attitude will completely vanish, but it’s sadly still prevalent in today’s world. So do her a favor — make sure to always hear her out without interrupting, even if it’s something minimal like her thoughts on where to grab dinner tonight.
  4. Self-esteem issues still happen for women even in happy relationships. It’s because women put a lot of pressure on themselves. Even if they’re happy in their own body, they’ll still get the message that they should be thinner, or more active, or smile more. It can get to the point where even an ill-fitting t-shirt can ruin a morning. That’s probably why the “do I look fat in this?” question pops up — they’re looking to you for a little bit of reassurance from someone they love. (The best answer, by the way, is “you look beautiful.”)
  5. Women are always thinking. Seriously. You might be thinking of the game tonight. Meanwhile, your girlfriend is thinking about activities to do before the game tonight, and whether or not to make fun appetizers, a family reunion she’s in the midst of planning, a problem at work, and a way to hang with her best friend this upcoming weekend. Women’s brains are always going, and they’re excellent at multitasking. That’s why a lot of people give women a bunch of responsibilities — they know how to handle it.
  6. But a lot of women often have a hard time asking for help. Since they’re known for handling it all, strong women might feel a little weak asking for help with something. It’s because they’re tired of the “damsel in distress” stereotype. Women want to prove they can be self-sufficient, so they might hesitate a little bit in asking for help, especially if it’s something from a mental workload. Offering to vacuum the bedroom every week without being asked to do so is one of the best gifts you could give.
  7. Women know romantic comedies aren’t great — it’s more about the comfort. Sometimes women just want to unplug and watch a light movie that’s somewhat enjoyable — enter the romantic comedy. If a woman wants you to watch it with them, it means they want some company while secretly hoping you pick up a trait or two from the movie’s lead actor. They’re not in it for your snarky commentary, as true as it may be.
  8. Women aren’t always looking for advice. One of the reasons why having girlfriends is important to women is because they can vent and get a lot of support. Men sometimes see the vent as being a problem they need to fix. Nope — sometimes women aren’t looking for the next step to take. They just want to get something off of their shoulders. So if your advice is met with a glare, it’s simply because it’s being interpreted wrong. You’ll never be able to replace their girlfriends (nor should you) but remember that your advice is really only appropriate if she straight up asks for it.