8 Signs She’s Great In Bed But Makes A Bad GF

You might think that since she’s amazing in bed, you should make her your girlfriend. But before you let those sex endorphins rule your head, take a second to consider this. She might be a great lay but make a really bad girlfriend, especially if these things are happening.

  1. She loves spontaneous quickies. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to be spontaneous and passionate in the sack, but if she’s squeezing in a quickie in her day with you because she’s always busy and having to rush off, you have to wonder why she can’t stick around for breakfast pancakes after sex. Maybe she already has a boyfriend waiting for her at home, which would explain why she can only meet you for an hour at a time.
  2. She’s just after sex. If she plays hard to get unless sex is on the table, clearly she’s only interested in sex (and maybe has a manipulative streak or two in her). Look, there’s nothing wrong with only wanting sex if you’re also interested in nothing more than a fling, but if you’re holding out on her becoming your GF, beware. She might just be using you for a good time. While you try to chase her into a relationship, she’ll be burning tires to get away (after the amazing orgasm you gave her).
  3. She’s not emotional. Perhaps her lack of emotional connection and strings to sex were one of the first things you liked about her. But how long will that keep you satisfied if you had to officially date the woman? Chances are, she might lack an emotional connection because she keeps her head and heart out of the dating game. Not exactly good GF material…
  4. She jumped into bed with you right away. Okay, so you can’t judge her because you jumped into bed with her right away too. Still, this can be a bad start for a good relationship. If she had sex with you so quickly, chances are she’s done this before. Holding off on sex for a while can be a good thing to build anticipation and a relationship. It’s all about the slow burn, but if she’s all about the fast electricity, she might just be after her kicks.
  5. She’s up for anything. If she’s open to trying lots of exotic things in the bedroom, she might be amazing in the sack and fun to be around. But beware: sometimes the women who are all about pushing the boundaries when it comes to their sex lives are also the ones who do the same in their relationships. Besides, if she’s that comfortable to do a range of exotic sexual things when she doesn’t even know you like suggesting threesomes right off the bat with two of your best friends, you have to wonder if that’s the kind of committed girlfriend you’d want to date.
  6. She surprises you. She’s the kind of woman who rocks up unannounced at your best friend’s wedding to have sex with you in the men’s room. Or she rocks up at your work event to surprise you and steal you away for a while. Although she keeps things exciting, she might also have creepy or clingy tendencies. I mean, she’s doing all this when she doesn’t even know you. Get closer to her and she might start crossing other boundaries in your life.
  7. She’s temperamental. If she’s the type of woman who’s ruled by her passions,  whether hate or love, she could easily be seen as an exciting, refreshing prospect. But when you get to know her, a woman who’s ruled by her moods and temper could be more drama than a delight when she becomes your GF. Make sure you’re sticking to a no-strings-attached setup and you’re both on the same page about that. This isn’t the type of woman you want to upset.
  8. She’s high maintenance. She’s gorgeous, polished, and loves the finer things in life. Being with her is like escaping from reality, and that’s the extent of what it should be. Although having sex in posh hotels and holiday locations sounds like a dream, it’s not going to last very long. Is she the type of woman you can image dealing with and dating on a daily basis, or will she suck you dry of your hard-earned money? Hmm, if she’s truly high-maintenance and only after the finer things, the latter could definitely be on the cards.