8 Signs Women Love Spending Time With You

Worried that you women might find you boring, bland, uninteresting? All guys occasionally have that fear, but it can be hard to gauge whether or not the woman you’re dating is genuinely having fun with you. Lucky for you, if any of these things are happening, she definitely is.

She laughs at your jokes. Who doesn’t love to laugh? If the woman you’re dating cracks up at your crazy sense of humor, especially when you tell a bad joke that you know isn’t that funny, then you’re in good shape. If you can make a woman breathless with laughter, you can rest assured knowing that she loves spending time with you.

She pays more attention to you than she does her phone. As if it wasn’t hard enough to get a woman’s attention before, the added distraction of technology has made this task all the more daunting. If a woman finds you boring today, no problem for her—she has access to hundreds of other guys and activities all at the click of a button. When you’re around her and she seems to be paying more attention to her phone than she is to you, you’re in trouble. When you can prevent her from looking at their texts, Snapchat, or Instagram for a long period of time, it’s a sign that she actually loves spending time with you and doesn’t want to miss a second.

She’s always super absorbed in your conversations. Nobody enjoys a one-sided conversation. If you’re with a woman and find yourself doing all or most of the talking, one of two things is wrong. Either you’re way too narcissistic, which is an issue in and of itself, or she’s not enjoying herself. Relationships are built on a foundation of solid communication. If the woman you’re spending time with can’t or won’t go to the trouble of stringing together a couple of sentences, her silence is meant to tell you something.

She spends the whole time you’re together smiling. This is about as tell-tale as it gets. Even if she’s quiet or you’re talking too much (hopefully you aren’t), if she’s smiling genuine smiles rather than awkward, uncomfortable ones, you can pretty safely assume she’s enjoying herself. People that aren’t usually make it pretty clear that they’d rather be anywhere else.

She makes all the plans. Are you always the one planning things? Do you constantly have to reach out to the woman you’re dating? If so, then you’re likely more interested than she is. When a woman texts you or calls and plans something without waiting for you to take the reins, she clearly enjoys your company and wants to do it more often. You shouldn’t be the one always planning things. That’s a bad sign.

She maintains regular eye contact. If a woman has fun with you and if she truly likes you, sustained eye contact will come naturally. She’ll want to make sure she has your attention. She’ll want you to be noticing her. And of course, if you feel the same about her, you won’t mind one bit.

She touches you all the time. A few years after high school, a girl that I was friends with since childhood revealed that she had a crush on me for the majority of our senior year. She did so in front of a large group of our friends. I was shocked to hear it, and as such told her that I had no idea. She said she tried to play it low-key and attempted to let me know by touching me more often when we hung out—things like making an effort to hug me more, brush over my arm when I made a joke, and a collection of other such subtle touches. At the time I didn’t realize how common this behavior was, but the other girls in our friend group backed her up by saying they’d all done similar things with other guys. So be on the alert. If a woman is using her hands to communicate, she’s probably trying to tell you something. That something being that she likes you and she’s having fun with you.

She wants to be involved. When a woman finds you fun and interesting, she’ll find ways to pull you into conversations with her friends when you’re otherwise uninvolved. For instance, if someone is telling a story about their long weekend in Cancun and she remembers you’ve been there or that you have a story to tell in a similar vein, she’ll interject and egg you on to tell your story and participate in the conversation. If she finds you fun to be around, she’ll want you to be involved in what’s happening. On the other hand, if she never asks you for your opinion or your two cents, then she might not find you all that interesting.