8 Signs You Need To Stay Single For Longer

You might think you’re ready to hit the dating scene again, but you might not be. Here are 8 signs that you need a longer stay in Singleville.

  1. Mention of your ex makes you go crazy. When someone mentions your ex or you hear a song that reminds you of her, you want to hit the roof. Clearly there are still some issues under the surface that you need to deal with. It’s never a good thing to date someone new when you’re still feeling extreme emotions about your ex because those can get in the way of a new relationship.
  2. You talk about your ex when meeting people. When you talk to a woman at the bar or during a date, you’re quick to talk about your ex. Maybe she asked and you ended up giving her a complete account that could’ve been a university thesis. Wow. If your ex is on your mind so much, maybe you need to try to deal with that before getting into a new relationship. Baggage alert!
  3. You’re lonely. You’re not just sort of lonely, but “so lonely I could snuggle up with a mannequin” lonely. Yikes. The problem is that if you can’t fulfill yourself after a breakup or divorce, then it’s unhealthy to try to find someone to fill that emptiness for you. In fact, it’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll also come across as desperate, which can make you date a lot of unsuitable women just to have someone in your life.
  4. You’re not sure who you are. After being in lots of different relationships or having a really long-term one, being single again can leave you feeling really lost. You might not even know who you are anymore or what you like. Maybe you’ve changed, and now’s the time to figure yourself out, otherwise, you’re going to end up in a new relationship where you’re not a complete person or you don’t even know what you want from a relationship.
  5. You’re attracting the same toxic people. Toxic people are like ants – you find one and then you find loads more. If you can’t seem to attract people who aren’t toxic, then you have to wonder about the types of messages you’re putting out there. What are you doing to attract them? It’s definitely time to shake up your list of Dream Woman characteristics and try to find out what type of woman you really want for yourself so you can give the toxic ones a miss.
  6. You’re rushing through the dating scene. You put half-assed effort into chatting to people on dating apps. When you meet them in RL, you want to rush through the small talk because you’re so tired of telling people how many siblings you have and what you do for a living. Seems like you want a committed relationship but aren’t really too keen on putting in the effort to get there. That won’t get you the relationship you want, so give the whole dating thing a miss for a while. You’ll be able to return refreshed and focused.
  7. You love your independence. You might feel pressure to enter the dating scene again, but at heart, you really enjoy your independence. This could especially be the case if you’ve come out of a long-term relationship and are finally starting to find your mojo again. Why ruin that by getting into a new, complicated relationship, you might ask? You’re probably right. No harm in taking your time and enjoying it a bit more. After all, what’s the rush?
  8. You have major issues. Maybe it’s baggage from an ex, or maybe you’ve discovered some things about yourself that you really want to work on. If your life’s full of drama, divorce, child support, or just full-blown depression, now’s not the time to bring a romantic partner into the mix. In fact, do your potential girlfriends a favor by taking the time to focus on becoming a better man. Wait until the dust settles and give yourself a chance to get back on the scene with a new-and-improved sense of self. Not only will this make you a happier person, which makes you a catch to women you do decide to date in future, but women will thank you for not dragging them into your drama.