8 Signs You’re Taking Way Too Long To Ask Her Out

It’s good to take your time to get to know her online before asking her out on a real date, but if you take too long, she’ll move on and lose interest. Here are 8 signs that you’re dragging your feet and need to step up to the plate and ask her out already.

  1. You always say goodnight. If you keep sending her the same boring texts every day, you need to stop right now because it’s going to make her want to watch paint dry instead. Maybe you’re resorting to sticking to a texting routine, like wishing her a good night’s sleep every night, because it feels safe or you’ve exhausted conversation topics. That means one thing: you need to get things moving. The only way to make things more exciting now is to take things offline ASAP.
  2. You haven’t asked for her phone number. It’s been many weeks of chatting and you still only speak on the dating app platform. WTF? You need to progress or else you’re going to slam straight into a dead-end. Ask her for her phone number so you can text and/or call her. That’ll show her you’re still interested and your interaction hasn’t stagnated.
  3. You’re always the one to initiate contact. If you’re always the one getting in touch, you’re chasing her hard, but why isn’t she taking an initiative? Hmm. Maybe she’s sick and tired of you always sending her messages but never asking her out so it’s caused her to float along instead of swim towards you. She’s wondering where you’re at and what you’re going to do, but she’s not going to wonder or wait around forever.
  4. You Google things to talk about. This is a guaranteed sign that you need to ask her out on a real date. If you don’t know what to say to keep things interesting, it’s not a sign that you’re boring, it’s a sign that you’ve been talking too much and there hasn’t been enough action. Stop!
  5. She asks you what you’re doing this weekend. If she seems to be interested in what you’re doing and where you’re going on Saturday night, it’s not her taking a stab at making conversation—she’s trying to hint that she’s available to see you! This is especially the case if you’ve been chatting for weeks and you know without a doubt she’s interested.
  6. You feel no pressure. Talking to someone online doesn’t just risk you getting bored or running out of things to say, but it can also make you feel that your online space is actually a comfort zone. You love chatting and laughing together, even if you’re both in your own homes. There’s no pressure to take things offline and that feels really good. But how long will that last before she gets tired and wants something more exciting? Exactly.
  7. She’s on the app more often these days. It seems like she’s logging onto the dating app more often, and perhaps spending more time online. Not a good sign, especially if she’s not talking to you during those sessions. Maybe she’s growing tired of chatting to you because she thinks you’re not interested in taking things offline, so she’s keeping her options open. By talking instead of asking her out, you give her the impression that you’re either lazy or just not interested in her enough.
  8. You know her so well, it’s scary. You feel like you’re kindred spirits or maybe you knew each other in a past life. If a friend asks you about her, you can tell them so much about her that it feels like you’ve already been dating in RL for months or years. Although this can feel exciting, it can also be a bad thing. You’ve both invested in each other so much and you don’t even know if you’re a match in real life. Not only that, but you feel like you know each other so well that you wouldn’t just lose interest in each other. Oh yeah? Reality check: that sort of thing happens all the time. Online conversations and attraction can only last so long before they fizzle up and die like a lost Wi-Fi connection. It’s time to take a chance and ask her out, or else.