8 Texts To Send Her Throughout The Day That Will Melt Her Heart

Something that may seem outdated but is still very much appreciated in the female world is a little good, old-fashioned wooing. Women love to feel like the man we’re seeing is making an effort to win our hearts. Don’t just put in an effort on date night—keep making sure we constantly feel appreciated and thought of. A great way to do this is to send us little text messages throughout the day to remind us that you’re thinking about us. What you say can make all the difference.

  1. “Hey, beautiful. How’s your day?” Starting it off with a classic. This one will always get a smile out of the woman you’re with. She could be having the worst day ever and on the verge of a nervous breakdown but if she looks at her phone and sees this message from you, it’ll help relieve her pain if even just a little. If she’s having a good day, it’ll make it even better. “Beautiful” is a great little pet name for all stages of a relationship but especially in the beginning if you haven’t quite reached the point of referring to each other as “babe” or “baby” yet. This message also lets her know that you’re interested in what she’s doing.
  2. “Thinking about you.” Sweet and simple. Great for guys who aren’t into all the mushy, gushy, love talk. It’s straightforward and honest. It may not contain a lot of poetic words, but it’ll still make her smile. There’s nothing better than knowing that a guy you’ve just started seeing is thinking about you throughout his busy day. It will make her feel special and I guarantee you she’ll respond saying she’s thinking about you too.
  3. “Miss you.” This one might be a little much if your first date was just the night before, but if you haven’t seen her in a few days or if you’ve been dating a little longer, “I miss you” is always a nice thing for her to see. Some might think it seems needy but most women love to know that their guy would rather be with them than wherever he is right now.
  4. “Tell me something good that’s happened today.” This is a great message to send because not only does it let her know that you’re interested in the comings and goings of her day and you want a specific anecdote about it, but it also could have the power to turn her entire day around. When someone you care about asks you to tell them about something good that happened to you, it’s hard to not be able to find at least one note of positivity even if the day has been a nightmare since your alarm went off.
  5. “Are you counting down the minutes until Friday too?” Something funny and witty like this message is a great way to get her to laugh and also a good segue into a conversation where the two of you could vent to each other about your days, complain about your bosses, make jokes about your coworkers, get excited and finalize weekend plans together. It opens up a myriad of options to chit-chat on and off the rest of the afternoon.
  6. “You’ve been on my mind all day.” Listen up, guys. If you really want to make a woman swoon, send her this. Not only is it sweet and charming, it’s also sexy as hell. You haven’t just thought about us in passing for a brief moment, you’ve been thinking about us ALL DAY. We love that. We really do. It also, in turn, makes it hard for us to think about anything but you either.
  7. “I can’t wait to see you again.” You never know, she may be biting her nails off about your date last night, wondering if it went well and if you were into her. This kind of message is a great way to let her know that you not only want to see her again but, you’re counting down the minutes until it happens.
  8. “Happy hour at six?” Above all else, nothing compares to a guy we really like who not only tells us he’s missing us or thinking about us but proves it to us by making an attempt at actually seeing us. Nothing will win a woman over more than knowing that you want to see her after a long day of work. The fact that you’d rather unwind with her than your guy friends will make her feel special and intensify her feelings for you.