8 Ways To Spot A High-Maintenance Woman On Dating Apps

The last thing you want is to date someone high maintenance, so make sure you spot these signs that she’s demanding, emotionally needy, or looking for a partner to pay her way before you meet her off the dating app and in the real world.

  1. She double texts. Hey, we’ve all been guilty of double texting in the past, often when we’re experiencing a bout of insecurity, but if she’s always sending you more than one text when she knows you’re too busy to reply, she’s showing serious clingy behavior.
  2. Her life’s full of drama. Get chatting with her and ask her what her day was like or how her job’s going. If she always seems to have some drama-filled story to tell you about, that’s not a good sign. Clearly she attracts problems wherever she goes. If you end up dating her, you’ll be the one forced to help her sort them out.
  3. She plays too hard to get. One of the signs that a woman can be high maintenance is if she expects guys to chase her down hard to the point that the process feels like torture. Weren’t relationships supposed to be fun? Watch out for the woman who leaves you hanging all the time, acts like she’s not really interested, and expects you to shower her with affection even though she doesn’t reciprocate the effort.
  4. She’s bossy. You ask her out to dinner and she has a long list of how she expects the date to go down. She’ll tell you where she wants to go, what day and time, and more specifications. For example, you might suggest going to an Italian restaurant but she wants to go to a Mexican one. That in itself is fine, but she doesn’t stop there. She also wants to be back home by 10 p.m. and in bed by 10:25 p.m. on the dot, and she wants to sit in the corner of the restaurant even though there are no corner tables. If she has a long list of expectations and demands, it’s a sign she wants to control everything. How long before she starts trying to control you?
  5. She asks about your designer shoes. In her first message to you on the dating app, she asked you about where you got your designer Italian shoes. What? Clearly, she’s only interested in material goods, which can make her seem like a gold digger. If she can’t see beyond your clothing and other status symbols to who you are, then she’s not worth your time.
  6. She’s got five-inch talons. A woman who takes care of her appearance and likes being stylish isn’t necessarily a woman who’s going to be high maintenance, but if it looks like she not only has the super-long nails but she gets a manicure every second day and can’t do anything with them, she’s not going to be the type of woman who wants to go camping or on an outdoorsy adventure that involves rock climbing. See, her appearance can give you hints into the type of lifestyle she follows.
  7. She wants attention and lots of it. If she’s always posting selfies of herself that make her look runway-ready, you have to ask yourself why she’s doing so. Clearly she loves attention and hopes to get lots of approval from men on the dating app. This behavior can also signal a woman who’s emotionally needy and insecure. In real life, she might be the woman who wants you to compliment her every five seconds or gets jealous when you want to have a boys’ night out instead of staying home with her.
  8. She asks about your income. You should only talk about how much you earn once you’ve reached the point of knowing someone offline, you trust them, and you’re building a relationship with them. If she’s already introduced the subject and you’ve only been talking for a few days, it’s a sign that she’s looking for someone to pay for her luxurious lifestyle. Note that she might not be as brazen as to ask about your salary, but she might ask you about other status symbols that could hint to earning a lot of money, such as what car you have or what neighborhood you live in. If you’re being asked lots of these weird questions, it’s kinda shady.