9 Things She Notices Before You Say Hello

There are certain things that a woman looks for in a man, and most are observed before you even stop by to say hello. A confident woman will most likely know what she likes about you within the first five minutes of conversation, if not sooner. Here are nine things that she’ll be looking for before you sit down so that you don’t ruin your date before it even starts.

  1. Your style. I say style in a very general way. You don’t have to be flashy and you definitely shouldn’t try to be something you’re not, but if you care for yourself, it says a lot about how you care for the things and people in your life, i.e. her. Take a shower, do something with your beard, and wear clothes that you feel very much yourself in—as long as it’s not sweats! Be your best self without showing all the ugly parts of yourself. She’s not ready for that man.
  2. The way you walk. For some reason, this is something that women notice. Are you flexing your hands when you walk? That probably means you’re pissed and willing to punch anything that moves. Women don’t like that even though you might think it looks tough. Is your gait all controlled? This probably means that you’re either uptight or lacking in self-esteem. Women have enough self-esteem issues without having to add on yours, at least not right away.
  3. Where you look. Are you looking at her face or everywhere else? Everywhere else is off limits if you don’t know her, so don’t look when you think she isn’t looking. She’ll always know you’re looking. Are you making eye contact? That shows confidence and general listening skills. Women like people who listen. Are you checking out your phone constantly? She’ll perceive this as you wanting to be somewhere else and not as nervousness. Do you look around the room when you walk into it? A woman will always notice a man who has his head up, who takes in his surroundings. I’m not sure why this is, but it is.
  4. Your smile. Women are suckers for a smile. Now if you have a weirdo smile that isn’t genuine, women will also notice this, so don’t be fake. However, you should definitely smile. I know women who decided to go out with a guy purely based on whether or not he had a nice smile.
  5. The way you care for others. Women generally care a lot about other people, and they like to know that you do too. It makes them feel like they can safely talk to you. This is why an awesome dad playing with his adorable little kid always gets so much attention from women. So pay attention to whoever you’re talking to or whoever you’re with. Women will notice.
  6. Random interests. This one is a bit hard to explain. Women observe a lot about you based on your clothes, your shoes, and your stance. She can tell by your shoes if you like to hike. She can tell by your Star Trek shirt and unshaven beard that you play a lot of video games. She can tell by your build whether you’re a fit outdoorsy guy or a gym rat. And that beard lets her know that you’re a rocker or a hipster, and tattoos also say a lot about the person. A woman will always pick up on these things about you and find them either attractive or otherwise.
  7. Your hands. Women like hands for some reason, and it’s not necessarily because of the mythic association between them and penis size. Hands just have something to do with strength, and if she likes you, those hands are going to be the ones that are touching her. You don’t have to have muscular hands necessarily, although a lot of women like men who work with their hands. It’s also not a bad thing to have sort of dainty piano hands or even small T-Rex hands. They just have to be clean and strong.
  8. How you stand. Do you stand flat on your feet or do you lean back with your hands in your pockets? Are you completely open with your arms relaxed or do you cross them? All things that she’ll somehow notice and take into consideration without really even analyzing it. The good news is that women don’t necessarily care how you stand, but they do care if you look unnatural or uncomfortable. Don’t be either of those. Women don’t like bull-crap or self-esteem issues, because those dudes cheat, or maybe they don’t. Whatever. They do something bad.
  9. Your Confidence. Most all of the things mentioned here are things that are observed by women because they relate to self-confidence. Let’s just be honest: confidence is attractive. Not confidence as in ” macho jerk”. Women like the kind of confidence that shows that you know who you are and that you aren’t embarrassed about it. This allows her to be herself too and be accepted and strengthened by it. This doesn’t mean that her confidence relies on your confidence, but it does mean that a woman who knows what she wants isn’t interested in a man who doesn’t. And women who lack in confidence aren’t looking for a man who can’t stand on his own two feet. Either way, confidence is a good thing, so whatever you do, figure out who you are and what you want. More than anything else, that’s what a woman will notice about you first.