9 Things You Need To Know When Dating A Ridiculously Hot Woman

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to date a woman who’s sexy AF, but you might want to bear the following tips in mind so that the experience isn’t one filled with misery.

  1. You might worry about other guys. Everywhere you go with your GF, she’s going to be stared at and drooled over by other men. No need to be jealous, though – she’s on your arm, not theirs. That said, it might prove to be a bit difficult to feel confident around her all the time. Same goes for feeling that you can trust her 100%.
  2. Your blood pressure will rise during outings. When you and your GF are out on the town, lots of guys are going to try to hit on her when you’re right there. Some might clearly have no respect for you or her. You might be pushed to the limit, dragged into fights or feel like you’re always on guard around her, wanting to protect her. Geez, you signed up to be her boyfriend, not her bodyguard!
  3. You might feel invisible. Being around a beautiful woman might make you feel like you’re disappearing into the shadows because everyone you meet concentrates on her. The key to dealing with these situations is to be proud of her and honored that she’s with you.
  4. You might try too hard to keep her. She’s interested in you, but you might worry that soon she’ll move on to someone else – heck, she’s so beautiful she can have her pick of all the guys in the room. But that doesn’t mean you should jump through hoops to keep her around. Relationships have to be 50/50, no matter how gorgeous one is, so make sure she’s meeting you halfway and you’re not the only one who’s making an effort to keep the relationship going.
  5. She might be vain. It’s rare to find someone ridiculously gorgeous who’s also down-to-earth. It makes sense: she’s been told she’s beautiful her whole life, so chances are some of those words have gone straight to her head. Dealing with a GF who’s vain and self-absorbed can make you really unhappy, especially if she expects to be treated like a princess.
  6. You might get distracted by her looks. If she’s gorgeous, you might find yourself focusing on her good looks and totally ignoring other important qualities, such as her brain and personality. In fact, you could even turn a blind eye to negative traits she has. But it’s important to try to look beyond her amazing physical features. After all, good looks fade in time but a shitty personality is forever!
  7. She might love the attention. It’s bad enough to deal with lots of guys always flirting with your GF, but if she loves the attention from them, that can make you even more jealous or angry. The important thing is to communicate with her about how her behavior makes you feel. If she’s flirtatious or getting kicks from guys who drool over her in a way that makes you feel insecure or uncomfortable, you shouldn’t have to turn a blind eye to it.
  8. She might be high-maintenance. Yes, she’s beautiful, but it takes work to look that good every single day. She’s probably accustomed to taking hours to get ready before leaving the house, investing in expensive clothing and makeup, and spending hours at the gym to look so fit. This doesn’t necessarily make her high-maintenance, but it could make dating her feel that way because it will affect your lifestyle. For example, a woman who models part-time might not be that keen on eating pizza and chocolate mousse on the sofa and will head to the gym instead. In this way, dating a really hot woman could be less fun than you imagined.
  9. Don’t underestimate her. Her stunning looks are what motivated you to make a move on her and ask her out, but there’s so much more to learn about her. Get to know her and you might discover that she’s smarter than you, ambitious AF, and has an amazing personality to boot. She really could be the full package, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking in terms of “hot woman stereotypes,” such as that she’s riding through life on her amazing head of hair and long legs. Do that and you’ll lose her.