9 Things You Really Don’t Have To Put In Your Dating Profile

You want to be honest and open with potential matches, but that doesn’t mean you need to put TMI on your dating profile. Before you think of sharing these things with the single women looking at your profile online,  take a minute to read why they’re bad ideas.

  1. A picture of your abs. You might feel good about your killer body and want to match with lots of women, but you’re going to piss off the classy women who don’t want to see you out of your clothes just yet. You know, those women who value mental stimulation. Leave something to the imagination!
  2. Your income. Don’t ever post your income on your dating profile, especially if you’re going to complain that you only attract gold diggers. While you might think it’s important for women to know you’re successful and ambitious, putting your income just tells everyone that you’re vain and egotistical. It’s a huge no-no!
  3. How bitter you are about dating. If you’re out of a relationship that still makes your blood pressure rise, you really don’t have to talk about this in your profile. Same goes for your negative online dating experiences so far. Doing this tells the world you’re an angry, bitter man who probably needs a dating break more than the big break of finding someone.
  4. A million selfies. There’s a good rule for posting pictures on dating apps: one is too little but more than 10 make you come across as vain. There’s also a study that has shown that people who post a lot of selfies on social media are more prone to psychopathy. Wow. The study, which was published in the Personality And Individual Differences journal, analyzed the photo-posting behaviors of 800 men between the ages of 18 and 40, and the ones who posted more images had higher scores for narcissism and mental illness.
  5. All your great qualities. When you have to write about yourself in the bio section, you obviously want to show off your best qualities. However, stick to general information about yourself, showing those qualities in other ways. For example, instead of saying what a social, fun person you are, tell people about how much you love spending time with good friends. If you rattle off a list of why you’re such a catch, you leave people wondering about what you’re not saying.
  6. Your dating shopping list. Everyone has a list of qualities they look for in a partner, but you don’t have to write them all down in your dating profile. Instead of attracting your type, this could put off other women who might not have the right height and eye color that you’re after but are perfect for you in other ways.
  7. That you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re just browsing on the dating app without having an M.O., do yourself a favor and don’t specify this in your profile. It comes across as though you’re floating around. Hey, if you are that’s cool, but just try to keep an open mind about what you might find. You never know when you’ll meet a classy woman and you don’t want to put her off because you seem like you don’t GAF about dating.
  8. That your friend signed you up. Another bit of useless info to avoid on your dating profile is that your best mate signed you up on the app when you were both drunk. That’s basically saying, “I don’t take this seriously and I’m not even going to message you back because I don’t want to be here.” Save those online dating anecdotes for your mates when you’re out on the town having a laugh.
  9. Anything passive-aggressive. You might list qualities and physical characteristics about yourself in a way that comes across as passive-aggressive. For example, if you state that you have biceps because you think that matters in the eyes of women. Um, don’t. As mentioned on the Independent, doing this is basically mocking women for caring about those qualities. It doesn’t make a good first impression.
  10. Your life story. It’s great that you’re open to sharing yourself and your life with a potential partner, but save it for a few dates in. You don’t need to put every nitty gritty detail of your past on your dating profile – it’ll come off as creepy rather than charming, for sure.