9 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman During Sex

It’s not just what you do to give her pleasure during sex that matters, but also what you say—or don’t say. Some things are just better left unvoiced. If you’re thinking of uttering these ridiculous 9 things during sex, keep quiet because they’ll totally kill the mood for her if you do.

  1. “Are you getting ready to come?” Look, women need to focus when they want to have an orgasm. They can’t just make it happen spontaneously, so asking your sexual partner if she’s getting closer to having one is sure to throw her off. It puts lots of pressure on her, and the more stress she feels, the less likely she is to have an orgasm.
  2. “Am I big enough for you?” You’re inside her, aren’t you? While you might worry that you’re not large enough to pleasure her, the truth is that it’s not your size that matters. Rather, it’s what you do with what you’ve got. Airing your penis insecurities during sex will just create an awkward atmosphere and what it really tells her is that you’re not sure you know how to pleasure her.
  3. “Do you like that?” Asking her this question makes it clear that you’re not sure how to read her body language at all. If you can’t tell that she likes something by her moans of approval or how she arches her back then you really need to brush up on how much attention you pay her during sex.
  4. “Can we remove the condom?” No, no, no. Just don’t! You don’t want to risk an unwanted pregnancy or an STI, so keep the glove on. And, if the reason why you want to remove it is that it’s feeling sore or getting in the way, then you’re really wearing the wrong size.
  5. “Sorry, I really have to answer that call.” Stopping sex to answer a call is the worst thing you can do to your partner. You’re not just killing the moment, you’re telling her that there’s something else that’s much more important than what you’re doing with her in bed. Phones should be turned off before sex, and there’s never an exception to the rule.
  6. “Tell me how much you like my penis.” Okay, so dirty talk in the sack can be really hot, but that’s not achieved with this conversation prompt. It makes you seem really vain and selfish in the sack. Why not tell her what you like about her body instead? Asking her to wax lyrical about your member puts her on the spot. You’re basically saying, “Come on, give me a compliment right now.” Yikes.
  7. “Let’s skip the foreplay tonight, don’t you think?” No, she probably doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Women need foreplay to get properly aroused so that sex feels enjoyable and comfortable. It’s also a really important part of sexual pleasure for women, especially if you consider that most women can’t orgasm from vaginal penetration alone and they need other stimulation, such as clitoral stimulation. So, show her that you’re really into her and you’re not just rushing into the main event of sex by spending more time on foreplay. Besides, the more aroused and relaxed she feels, the more she’ll want to move onto intercourse.
  8. “Well, my ex used to love that.” During sex, you try a different move or you switch positions and your partner says she doesn’t really like that. You get defensive and say that your ex used to love it. Wait, what? Are you really bringing your ex-girlfriend into the bedroom right now? Talk about inappropriate! It’s also disrespectful to assume that every woman is going to like the same things in bed. Just because your ex liked the reverse-cowgirl position or how you’d talk dirty to her, it doesn’t mean that your current sexual partner or girlfriend will like it too. Don’t make her feel like you’re comparing her to another woman.
  9. “Wait, you’re on the pill, right?” Talking about condoms and birth control should come before sex. That’s the responsible way to handle the situation. It’s really awkward to ask her if she’s on any birth control halfway into sex. It also kills the mood. Be a man and ask her about it before you take her home with you. You’re not teenagers so don’t act like one.