Can Working Out Affect Your Performance In The Bedroom?

When it comes to performing in the bedroom, we guys are always looking for any edge we can get. Some of us resort to taking drugs like Viagara, which isn’t the best option, especially when there’s a natural way to improve your sexual prowess. It’s called the gym. If you don’t already know, there are quite a few ways that working out has an impact on how men perform in the bedroom, though not all of them are positive.

  1. Working out lowers chances of erectile dysfunction. They’ve done studies that back this up. Middle-aged men who stuck to an exercise routine over several months reported improved sexual function (which is code for throwing their Viagara away), not to mention having more and better sex. The moral of the story is that if you exercise, you’re less likely to have to worry about your penis not working when it’s supposed to work.
  2. You feel more desirable. Working out should help you feel more confident about your body, and in turn, you’ll be more confident that your partner will want to have sex with you. Merely feeling that your partner wants you should make you a better lover because that’s what confidence does to a person in any aspect of life.
  3. It increases sex drive. The same studies that tell us that working out helps with erectile dysfunction tell us that it also helps to maintain normal levels of testosterone. Having adequate levels of testosterone will make sure you maintain your sex drive even as you begin to age. In theory, more testosterone means more sex, and more sex means you keep your skills sharp. Practice makes perfect, right?
  4. Too much exercise lowers libido. Alas, there can be a downside to exercise when it comes to sexual performance. A somewhat infamous study at the University of North Carolina found that men with particularly long or rigorous exercise routines had lower libidos than men who maintained light or moderate workout routines. The lesson is that you should work out, but if you overdo it at the gym, it could backfire on you later on when it’s time to get busy.
  5. Exercise builds endurance. This should be an easy correlation to make. Part of exercising is building up stamina and endurance so you don’t get quite as tired during your next workout. Some men will build endurance to help them train for a marathon but the rest of us can simply become a real marathon man in the bedroom. If you can start to build up some stamina at the gym, sooner or later it’ll translate to sex, helping you avoid getting so tired in the first few minutes and ultimately lasting longer, which is certainly something both you and your partner can enjoy.
  6. Body fat is the enemy. If you work out with the goal of burning fat, congratulations because your sex life is about to get better. There’s evidence connecting body fat with sexual dysfunction, which means when you let yourself go physically, your gut will get bigger and your penis may start to become a disappointment, if you know what I mean. However, if you keep pumping iron and burning fat, you should have no problem rising to the occasion.
  7. You’ll have the upper body strength required of missionary, amont other positions. Sure, you and your partner may like to get kinky or mix it up with some different positions, but the missionary position is going to be part of everybody’s sexual repertoire. Of course, to get the most out of it, guys need to have plenty of upper body strength, specifically in the arms, shoulders, and chest. If you dedicate some time while at the gym to working out these body parts, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it helps you perform whenever you and your partner are in the missionary position.
  8. Increased flexibility? Yep, working out will give it to you. Once you work your way out of the missionary position, flexibility becomes absolutely essential during sex. Fortunately, this is something you can work on at the gym that will end up paying dividends in the bedroom. Doing the bench press won’t help with this, but doing yoga or certain types of stretching exercises will definitely improve your flexibility in a way that can pay off during sex. Without a little bit of flexibility, you won’t make it past page 1 of the Kama Sutra.
  9. Betting core equals better thrusting. For guys, so much of sexual performance is tied to your core. There are even rumors that having enough sex will give you a six-pack of abs because of how much you work your core muscles while thrusting. Of course, it’s probably smarter to pay attention to your core every time you go to the gym, develop a six-pack there, and then give your partner a pleasant surprise when those strong core muscles help with your sexual performance.
  10. Exercise improves blood flow. Ultimately, sex is all about blood flow. You need to get as much blood as possible flowing to all the right places. Regular exercise does wonderful things in this department, which again is why it helps reduce erectile dysfunction. At the same time, improved blood flow also leads to better sensations and stronger orgasms, AKA, more enjoyable sex.