Don’t Moisturize Or Use Anti-Wrinkle Creams? Here’s Why You Need To Start

It’s a total myth that men don’t need to worry about wrinkles. But contrary to what you may have heard, having healthy skin isn’t just about preventing or delaying signs of aging. It’s really about being healthy and looking after yourself. You only get one skin, after all. Here are 8 good reasons why you should invest in a moisturizer and anti-wrinkle products ASAP.

  1. They prevent dryness. Touch the skin on your face. Does it feel flaky and rough? That’s so not sexy! If your skin is left to its dry devices, it’s going to become dull and accentuate all those little laugh lines. Got especially dry skin that feels like a brick? Look for a moisturizer with ingredients that work extra hard to hydrate your skin such as shea butter or hyaluronic acid.
  2. They tend to have SPF in them, which is vital. You should always be lathering on the SPF when you spend time in the sun (and even on cloudy days), but many popular brands of moisturizer now have a small quantity of built-in SPF, giving you a bit more protection against the harsh rays. This is especially good for sensitive skin that erupts after UV exposure or needs a bit of pampering so that it doesn’t become red and inflamed.
  3. They prevent skin cancer. Using products that have in-built SPF can go a long way to protecting you against UV-related disease such as skin cancer. This is especially important if you’re spending lots of time outdoors. Plus, those clever ingredients and antioxidants in male skincare products can also go one step further in protecting you against UV rays and cancer. A great example is red tea. It’s been found to decrease skin cancer tumors by at least 60%, according to Prevention!
  4. They create a barrier to acne. If you suffer from spots that make you feel like a teenager again, not only should you be using anti-acne creams, but your moisturizer needs to be used on a daily basis. When your skin gets too dry because it’s not hydrated enough, this can make your acne worse because your skin holds onto its natural oils. Invest in an oil-free, noncomedogenic moisturizer that will boost your skin health and keep those zits at bay.
  5. They make you age better. You might laugh at the idea of getting wrinkles, but sooner or later they’ll become a concern for you. Sure, aging gracefully is great, but you can’t achieve that if you skip your moisturizer and anti-wrinkle creams. In fact, not having them will make your skin age really badly, with not just wrinkles but a dry, dull, and uneven skin tone that’ll pile the years onto your face. It’s just not worth it (nor is the plastic surgery to reclaim your youth).
  6. They keep skin pigmentation at bay. Too much UV exposure without sunscreen can cause your skin to become blotchy, but did you know there are some ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams for men that actually target those nasty spots? One ingredient is known as methylsulfonylmethane. Yeah, it’s a mouthful to pronounce, but how it works is really simple: it creates more skin elasticity while reducing age and pigmentation spots, so you don’t feel like a grandpa.
  7. They give you a daily dose of antioxidants. Skincare products have become a lot smarter over the years. Now, many products contain antioxidants that are like skin’s superfood. They help to fight free radicals in the skin like those from pollution and UV exposure, that can make you age faster and put you at risk of diseases such as cancer. Interested? Look for skin moisturizers that contain top antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E to keep your mug protected against the elements.
  8. They’ll score you more dates. A study that was published in the Evolution and Human Behavior journal found that men with healthy skin are more attractive to women than those who have masculine faces. Wow! To get healthy skin, choose skincare products that contain alpha hydroxy acids. These not only eliminate dead skin cells so that your complexion glows, but they also boost blood circulation to the face because of their anti-inflammatory qualities. The result? You get a fresh, rosy complexion she won’t be able to resist.