Here’s Why You Should Be Spending More Time On Foreplay

Don’t rush through foreplay to the main event of sex. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Research found that both men and women hope to have foreplay that lasts 20 minutes, but interestingly (and sadly), it tends to last half that time! Foreplay has many great functions, for both you and your partner. Here’s why you need to make time for it.

  1. It shows her you’re not just interested in one thing. OK, so you’re obviously interested in having sex with her, otherwise, you both wouldn’t be naked in bed. But it’ll impress her if you take your time to enjoy the process instead of rushing to the main event of sex. It’s much more intimate and sends the message that you’re interested in more than just P-in-V.
  2. Greater intimacy will turn her on. The great thing about focusing on having more intimacy is that a greater bond between you will make for more powerful sex. You know there’s a difference between sex with someone you love and someone you’ve just met, so slow down and take your time to explore her body.
  3. She might like it more than sex. Sure, penetrative sex is great, but many women actually prefer foreplay. This could be because it focuses on different body parts or includes sexual activity that they like more than penetrative sex, such as oral sex or fingering. If you’re avoiding foreplay altogether, you’re cutting out most of her pleasure.
  4. You can learn a lot from it. If you want to give her pleasure in bed, you first have to know what she likes and what she doesn’t. Foreplay is a great opportunity to learn about what gives her pleasure. Is it oral or light massage, for instance? Foreplay isn’t limited to those, though — there are loads of ways you can enjoy each other’s bodies without having penetrative sex!
  5. It boosts arousal. When you’re aroused, your sweat glands release hormones that boost sexual desire. These are known as pheromones and they tell you that you’re aroused. So don’t skip over foreplay. Stoke the fires of sexual desire and you’ll have even better sex.
  6. It stimulates the clitoris. The clitoris is an important body part to give her sexual pleasure. In fact, most women need a bit of clitoral stimulation to help them achieve orgasm because penetrative sex isn’t enough. By taking your time to stimulate the clitoris during foreplay, you encourage blood to flow into it, which actually makes the clitoris erect, similar to the penis. This stimulation can help to make sex much more pleasurable for while ensuring she climaxes.
  7. It makes the sensuality last longer. If you want to take good sex to the amazing level, engage in foreplay but keep it going through the main event of sex. This can be done by focusing on sensual touch and stimulating each other’s bodies. It creates more powerful sensations that increase pleasure tenfold!
  8. It keeps things interesting. In long-term relationships, sex can become monotonous. Therefore, foreplay can be a refreshing way to keep things exciting. The great thing about foreplay is that it includes so many different things that you can try to shake up your bedroom antics and prevent sex from feeling stale.
  9. It boosts your erection. You might not always get an erection immediately before sex is about to start, so foreplay can come to the rescue. Plus, focusing on foreplay during sex can help you to maintain an erection for longer, which can culminate in much more powerful orgasms.
  10. It involves your other senses. During sex, you might focus on how things feel below the belt. But to make it even more pleasurable, engage your other senses and use touch in different ways. For example, use scented massage oils that smell sexy, and touch different body parts to find new and erotic ways to pleasure each other. Focus on seeing and feeling each other’s bodies in new ways. When all your senses are involved in sex, it becomes much more orgasmic.
  11. It gets her going. You can’t expect a woman to be ready for sex in a flash. It takes time for her to feel aroused and properly lubricated. Without enough vaginal lubrication, sex can be uncomfortable and even painful. Plus, most women need to be in the right emotional mindset for sex. By taking it slow and helping her get aroused with ample time for foreplay, she can get into the right mood. Take some time to create a sexy ambiance with foreplay —it’ll be the best sex you’ve both ever had.