How A Healthy Life Equals A Bigger Penis

Wanting a bigger penis is normal and probably even healthy. It means you’re into improving yourself. But know what isn’t healthy? Worrying about stuff you can’t change. Thankfully, there are some very real ways to improve the look and functionality of your loyal Spartan soldier. Here are a few dos, don’ts, and precautions.

  1. Do Kegel exercises. Stronger erections, longer sex, more intense orgasms from flexing your pelvic floor (PC) muscles a few times per day? Yep. These are your ejaculation muscles, the ones you flex to stop urine flow. Be warned: these muscles will likely be pretty weak at first but it only takes a few workouts to get them in shape. A guy can make PC workouts simple or complicated depending on his enthusiasm. Here’s a helpful guide from By lasting longer and having better penis muscle tone, you will have more time to learn what really matters during sex: pleasing your partner and really enjoying the experience.
  2. Burn off some fat. While you cannot get more than you started with, studies show that a guy can lose up to an inch of length for every 30-50 pounds of body fat he gains. A horrifying fact indeed. Another study found that 1 in 3 British guys are too overweight to see their favorite appendage – it is called a buried penis. No, not good at all. Here’s the thing – studies correlating fat loss with penis growth are all over the place. It really depends on how your body stores extra weight, but at the end of the day, the more belly fat you’ve got, the more it’s going to mess with the appearance and functionality of little Mr. You-Know-Who.
  3. Eat organic fruits & vegetables. Have you heard the term antioxidant? What about free radical? Being alive creates waste products which build up and lead to oxidation (think rusty cars parked at the beach). Eating crap food, drinking too much, not getting enough sleep, and overreacting to BS creates free radicles, little unstable molecules that can trash our immune system and damage cells, including DNA. Antioxidants are the little heroes who reverse the free radicles’ path of rampage. Now, if this free radical cellular damage is messing with your heart or other parts of the blood-pumping system then your flow is impeded and your erections are not living up to their fullest potential. Also, if cancer thrashes your prostate to the point of it needing removal, this often shrinks the little guy too. So eat like you care about your health and reduce cancer risks.
  4. Be careful with enlargement exercises. This one is a mixed bag. Online you’ve got whole communities of guys stating some big gains from lots and lots of uh, manual work. On the other hand, health professionals say penis muscle is smooth muscle and will not grow like skeletal muscle. Also, a buildup of scar tissue from aggressive stretching and squeezing can lead to Peyronie’s disease, a stunted and misshapen member. And there is something hectic about being aroused 24/7 from yanking and throttling your guy every day over a period of months or years. However, do your own research because there are plenty of dudes claiming that a growth routine is totally worth it. As for penis pumps, I’ve heard them referred to as nothing but voodoo. While this sounds pretty cool, what the doctors mean is pumps do not work beyond a temporary increase in blood flow caused by literally sticking your rod into a vacuum. I find this a bit too industrial for my taste.
  5. Don’t sabotage your blood flow. Luckily, we’re not sashaying around all day with full-cocked erections, knocking over vases and causing traffic accidents. So what magic is it that takes us from an average flaccid number of 3.5 inches to something a lot more heroic? It’s blood, which is governed by blood flow. Ever taken Viagra or Cialis and felt like a god? That’s you at full flow – think of the Hoover Dam wide open. But abusing sex medicine isn’t an ideal solution. Things like smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol (from animal products), weak cardio, and stress clog your flow. Anxiety, overthinking, not sleeping enough, and slamming caffeine or other stimulants restricts blood flow too. When this gets severe enough, you’ll receive the curse of erectile dysfunction (ED). Forget a lack of size, nothing sucks worse than a malfunctioning member.
  6. Don’t fantasize about surgery without knowing the consequences. There are some pretty advanced medical options from implants to fat injections to cutting through ligaments. Do they work? Yes. Is there a lot of pain, expense, and potential complications? Of course. It comes down to just how bad you want size and if you don’t mind getting cut open.
  7. Don’t let porn mess with your head. Most guys walking down the street aren’t packing close to what the guys on professional porn sets have. The same way guys are extra tall in the NBA, guys in XXX videos are bigger than most other guys, this is just the reality of things. And on the topic of reality, read some interviews about porn shoots and the really unsexy stuff that goes into manufacturing a fantasy. A point worth considering: there are lots of dudes in their 20s and 30s with erectile dysfunction from porno desensitization. See, all that female “variety” hijacks the brain’s reward system and makes it very tough for your girl (present or future) to give you anything close to the rush of hundreds of horny digital gals living inside your laptop.