How Soon After A Successful First Date Should You Delete Your Dating App?

You had an amazing first date and really want to see her again, but your dating app is still beeping notifications to you on your phone throughout the day. Should you delete it immediately or wait a while longer before you kill it off? Here are some things to consider.

  1. You might be getting ahead of yourself. Sure, you had a fantastic first date, but it was just one date. You might’ve spent a few hours with her but do you really know her well enough to be exclusive? Not a chance. Slow down and take your time to get to know her before you jump in – and jump out of the dating app scene.
  2. You don’t want to creep her out. Sending her a text saying that you’re going to cancel your dating app subscription because of the great date you had with her is a no-no. She’ll see that you’re way too eager to date her and it can also creep her out a little because it creates the expectation that you’re already a couple. Yikes.
  3. You need to get your head in the game. Your heart’s bugging you to jump right into a relationship with this woman, but listen to your head for a sec. It’s probably trying to tell you that you’re still in the casual phase of the relationship (if you can even call it a relationship). You’ve only started dating. Anything could happen. Rushing in can just cause you huge problems and get you burned.
  4. You might be blocking other opportunities. Just because she was charming and smart on your first date, it doesn’t mean she’s the one for you. It might sound harsh, but you could very well discover that she’s actually not a good match for you. Lots of people have great first dates that tank on the second ones. It doesn’t hurt to keep your online dating options open for now, at least until you know her better.
  5. It’s something you should both discuss. You don’t want to talk about deleting your dating app profiles after the first date, but if you continue dating and you both see a future for your relationship, then it’s a good idea to talk about canceling your dating app subscriptions together. That also removes the awkwardness of wondering if she’s on the app chatting to other guys. Bonus: it can be a nice way to become more official.
  6. Wait to have “The Talk.” It might seem weird to talk about deleting your dating apps out of the blue, but you can cleverly slot it into The Relationship Talk you have with her. Tell her how you feel about her and that you want to be exclusive, then discuss the dating app question. You can figure out what both of your thoughts are when it comes to deleting your dating apps. In fact, it’s a really good chat to have to feel out your partner’s views on the topic. Will she delete her dating app now that she’s dating you?
  7. Her answer might surprise you. She should be willing to delete her dating app once she’s officially dating you. It goes without saying that it’s really shady if you’re a couple and she’s still on the dating app. But sadly, it’s quite common. A study by ReportLinker found that 6% of people who are in relationships still use dating apps. You don’t want to end up in that situation!
  8. What if you’ve been chatting for a long time before meeting? You might feel like you have a good reason to cancel your dating app subscription right after having a great first date with a woman because you were chatting to each other for weeks or longer on the app before meeting in real life. So, it’s not like you’ve just met up as strangers, right? Yeah, but it still seems a little too fast and furious – not just for her, but for yourself. Dating in real life is so much more important than chatting online. Now’s when you can really see what a person’s all about.
  9. It’s like changing your social media relationship status. Listen here: do you go home after a successful first date and log onto Facebook to change your relationship status, telling all your friends that you’re now “in a relationship”? No, that would be crazy. Now ask yourself: isn’t it just as crazy to want to delete your dating app so quickly? Yup, it is. So put your phone down and give yourself a chance to see what happens with the woman you’re smitten about before making any rash decisions.