How To Avoid The Temptation To Cheat

The temptation to cheat on a significant other is present in just about every human on the planet, save those who fall into the asexual category. Avoiding this temptation is entirely and completely possible—you just have to think about what’s most important to you.

  1. Remember, we’re talking about a few seconds of orgasm here. Let’s take a moment to discuss what cheating really is: a few seconds of orgasm with someone other than your significant other. Is that REALLY worth it? Is it worth potentially destroying a wonderful relationship you have taken years to build? And who says the sex with this other woman, however smokin’ hot she is, is going to be any good? What if she’s the worst sex you’ve ever had? Now you’ve just put your relationship in jeopardy for no reason and may have contracted an STD or gotten someone preggo.
  2. It rarely if ever works out. Once upon a time, one of my best friends was going through a rough patch in her relationship. Her boyfriend was out of town and she decided to go home with this guy she’d met a week earlier. I tried to dissuade her, but she was quite drunk and determined to do it. I relented since I’m not the boss of her and she did the deed. The guy she cheated with ended up being less than genetically-blessed in the pants department and the sex was terrible. She, in turn, felt terrible for cheating and cried on the phone to me. Was cheating worth it, in her case? Hell no. And I doubt it’d worth it for you either.
  3. It’s probably going to hurt your partner a lot and destroy her sense of trust. If you live in France and have the French attitude about relationships, more power to you. Most of us can’t imagine taking such a casual view towards committed relationships and the thought of our partners being intimate with someone else makes us feel sick. Your cheating is going to hurt your partner, most likely a lot.  Sure, she may never find out, but that rarely happens. If she does, you’ve just hurt the person you claim to love so much. Even if you’re going through a bad period, is the aforementioned few seconds of orgasm really worth the injured look on your S.O.’s face? Is it worth knowing your partner may never trust you again, has lost all respect for you, or otherwise thinks you’re the fungus the scum of the earth feeds on?
  4. The tell-tale heart will tick, man. Let’s say your partner has no chance of finding out you cheated. Unless you have no soul, you’re probably going to feel really bad about doing the deed with someone else. Really, really, really bad. The cheating sex you had is essentially the telltale heart beating underneath the floorboards just like in Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale. Is sex with some strange worth you not being able to look at yourself in the mirror anymore? It will make shaving or putting on makeup rather difficult.
  5. If you still feel the overwhelming urge to cheat, take a long, hard look at your relationship. If you cannot get the individual who’s not your significant other out of your head and you simply must cheat, take a long, difficult look at your relationship first. If you were really happy, you wouldn’t feel this overwhelming urge. Everyone is attracted to people who aren’t their partners from time to time, as we’re human. This is completely normal. What sucks is being a cheating dirtbag. Rather than causing your partner all this hurt and pain by cheating and subsequently taking the easy way out of your unhappy relationship, sit down with her and have an honest chat. It’s better to be honest and break up than cheat and get out of dodge the dastardly way. Your partner will at least appreciate that you had the guts to explain your true feelings instead of sneaking around.

Everyone wants to cheat sometimes, but remember: it is rarely worth the risk. If you truly want to be sleeping with or even just dating other people, you need to end your relationship directly before even considering going down that path. It really is that simple.