How To Hook Up Like A Gentleman

Hooking up can be a dirty game, especially from a man’s perspective. Not to make excuses, but once we start thinking with our penis instead of our brain, doing the right thing kind of goes out the door. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. With just a few alterations to the way you play the game, you can hook up with beautiful women in a gentlemanly way.

  1. Pay for any transportation to and from the hookup location. Before a gentleman takes a lady home, he will wine and dine her. Obviously, for a one-night stand, this will be a bit abbreviated. Nevertheless, you should pay for any food or drink the two of you share, and of course, pay for transportation to and from wherever you two plan to hook up. Also, keep in mind that a gentleman doesn’t skimp when it comes to paying for an Uber, and that includes the tip.
  2. Don’t be obvious that you’re only about sex. One of the biggest differences between a gentleman and some yahoo who’s out looking for a cheap hookup is that a gentleman isn’t so blatantly after sex. A gentleman will woo a lady with compliments and take a genuine interest in her life. He’ll then come up with a non-sexual pretense for coming back to his place, like asking her if she wants to see your collection of snow globes or Pez dispensers. You know, something classy.
  3. Keep a clean bedroom. A true gentleman would never bring a lady back to a decrepit bedroom. Make sure you have clean sheets and have picked up any dirty clothes that may be on the floor, and that’s just the bare minimum. To convey that you’re a gentleman, you need a bedroom that’s perfectly tidy and doesn’t make it obvious that you bring random women home on a regular basis, even if you do.
  4. Don’t make the hookup all about you. Your brief relationship with your hookup partner may be primarily about sex, but remember that it takes two to tangle. Rest assured that you’ll enjoy yourself, but a true gentleman will also make sure his lady has a good time. Therefore, keep the drinking to a minimum so you’re not too drunk to perform. More importantly, make sure you take time to tend to her sexual wishes so that she enjoys herself as well.
  5. Supply your own condom. A true gentleman is like a boy scout, always prepared. Most likely, you’re the one who initiated contact with the woman, seduced her, and invited her back to your place, and so it’s your duty to supply condoms and take care of any other logistics. Sure, this may come off as a little presumptuous, but a gentleman will always have everything a lady will need.
  6. Offer to cuddle (and mean it). It’s not true lovemaking unless you cuddle afterward. Okay, that’s complete bullshit. Regardless, a true gentleman will always be up for cuddling after hooking up. You may not like cuddling, but it makes the hookup feel a lot less sleazy and casual, giving the appearance that the two of you actually like each other. If she doesn’t want to cuddle, that’s fine, but a gentleman will always offer and do so in a way that makes it sound like he means it.
  7. Ask if she’d like to spend the night. When the love-making is over, a true gentleman will always ask a lady if she wants to spend the night. She doesn’t have to stay if she doesn’t want to, and to insist that she does isn’t gentlemanly. However, always ask in a way that’s welcoming, even if you both know you’ll never see each other again once the sun comes up.
  8. Offer to cook breakfast. Most of the time, one of you will (claim to) have somewhere to be early the next morning. Nevertheless, a gentleman will always offer to cook a woman breakfast the morning after a casual hookup. At the very least, you should offer her coffee for the road. Of course, offering her breakfast means you know how to cook a decent meal, which is a skill every gentleman should have.
  9. Say “thank you” afterward. A true gentleman will always bring a woman back to his place. Of course, in the event that you end up at her place, always say “thank you” to her as you leave. This is the most basic level of politeness your parents should have taught you a long time ago. Remember, this woman could have done anything else with her night and spent her night with anyone else, but she chose to hook up with you, so when you part ways, express some gratitude. If she’s asleep and you don’t want to wake her, the least you can do is leave a nice note.
  10. Ask if she’d like to do it again. After saying “thank you,” the final thing a gentleman is obligated to say is to ask the woman if she’d like to see you again. Again, odds are you probably won’t meet up a second time and she’ll be fine with that. However, a gentleman will ask anyway and do so in a sincere manner. The good news is that she’ll probably decline the invitation, but to truly hook up like a gentleman, you should at least ask.