How To Sober Up Quickly

There are plenty of urban myths when it comes to how to sober up quickly, such as drinking coffee or working out. While they trick your body into believing it feels better, they actually don’t do anything. The only real way to sober up is to allow the alcohol to metabolize through your bloodstream. However, there are some tricks you can try while you drink to keep yourself from getting too drunk and in need of a hangover cure.

  1. For every glass of alcohol you have, have a glass of water too. Every time you order a drink, have a glass a water after. You’ll still have a refreshing drink nearby to sate your thirst and you won’t always crave having a beer or mixed beverage by your side. This method also means you’ll have to pee more frequently, forcing your body to move and excrete some of the alcohol. Additionally, having this many drinks stacks up and you may not want as many alcoholic beverages.
  2. Eat with your drink. Even if you’re at a small bar with your friends, decide on having something to eat and sharing it. The meal will fill your stomach up along with your alcoholic beverage, preventing you from feeling like you need to have more drinks later in the evening. The worst thing to do is drink on an empty stomach because the alcohol gets absorbed quickly, making you drunker.
  3. Drink lighter beverages later on. After you’ve been doing some harder drinking to kick the night off, relax and pull back from your traditional choices. Choose beverages like light beer to finish up the night. If you take a shot just before you leave the bar, chances are you’re going to feel it as you stumble out of there. Mix up your drink choices throughout the evening to prevent yourself from getting too far in the hole.
  4. Cut yourself off at a certain point. A great way to sober up quickly is to stop drinking. Sounds obvious, right? Have a couple of drinks with your friends to start the night off, but don’t keep going the entire time. Stop when you feel you’re just right, say after the third or fourth drink. As a result, your body will be able to metabolize the alcohol that’s already in your system and you won’t stuffer with a terrible hangover the next day. Because you stop yourself from having more drinks, you’ll find the end of the evening doesn’t leave you stumbling.
  5. Avoid coffee. No matter what anyone tells you, do not have coffee. This will only make matters worse. When you have alcohol, your body starts to get tired and you feel exhausted. But when you drink coffee, the caffeine is giving you a shot of energy and you might feel like you’re sobering up. Chances are, you’re not. You’re only more alert, which might trick you into thinking that you’re not all that drunk and can have a few more drinks.
  6. Throw up if you have to. This may seem rash, but if you’re feeling a little sick, you should force yourself to do it. This method only works if you’ve just had something to drink. It takes 30 minutes for your body to feel the alcohol in your system, so if you’ve just had one too many shots, quickly head to the bathroom to vomit so you body can’t process that final shot. You’re still going to feel as drunk as you were from your previous drinks from the rest of the evening, but that final shot or two won’t hit you.
  7. Avoid bubbly drinks with your alcohol. One way alcohol moves through your bloodstream is through carbonated beverages. While a vodka tonic may taste amazing, it’s probably going to get you drunk faster. Try to stick to beverages that avoid using these in their mixed drinks. Stick to drinking alcohol straight or beer. This way, your body can properly metabolize the alcohol on its own without having any assistance.
  8. Go straight to bed after drinking. After a long night of partying and drinking, sleep doesn’t sound so bad. Since time is the absolute best method to get you sober fast, you should jump into bed as soon as you can. Though, if you want to avoid the hangover in the morning, make sure to have a glass of water before you lay down and one on the side of your bed. Believe me, you’ll need it.