How To Spot That She’s Marriage-Obsessed Right Away

You want to get married someday, or maybe you don’t. That’s not the problem. The problem is that you don’t want to get into a relationship with someone who’s got marriage fever before you’ve even started officially dating, or someone who expects you to rush to the chapel once you are. Here are 11 signs that the woman you’re chatting to on a dating app has got marriage on her mind.

  1. She talks about her parents’ great marriage a lot. That’s sweet and all, but if it feels like she’s practically swooning when she tells you how they’ve been married for 40 years and have never been more in love, then clearly she wants to have the same thing in her own life. Why would she be telling you about it when she hardly even knows you unless it was a huge priority on her list of life goals?
  2. She posts wedding gowns on her Pinterest board. She invited you to view her Pinterest board and it’s filled with wedding-related stuff. Why would she be so open about showing you this if she wasn’t marriage obsessed, right? It’s a clear sign that she wants to get married ASAP.
  3. She’s already told loved ones about you. She mentions early on that she’s already told her mom or best friend about you, and how they’re dying to meet you. Whoa, slow down! You don’t usually introduce a potential partner to your family before they’re even, you know, your actual partner.
  4. She’s all about having long-term relationships. It’s important to talk to the person you’re dating to find out what type of relationship they’re after. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting long-term relationships instead of casual flings, but if she goes on about how serious she is and how she doesn’t want to waste her time, then that’s possibly a sign she’s focused on marriage.
  5. She rushes through milestones. In her previous relationships, she was quick to make things committed with her partner. For example, she might’ve moved in with the guy she was dating after three months of knowing him, or she packed up her life to follow him across the world when she only knew him for a month. This sort of dating behavior links up to her wanting to hurry things along.
  6. She watches every bridal show on TV. When you go visit her and try to find something cool to watch on TV, she’ll mention that her favorite bridal show is on. It seems she feasts on every single wedding show she can find. And then she states that she doesn’t really care for weddings? Um, yeah right.
  7. She invites you as her plus-one. You haven’t been dating that long but she’s already booking you in to be her plus one at events and weddings, even though they’re months ahead in the future. If she’s already seeing you in her future, it’s clear she wants something serious with you.
  8. She asks you about kids on the first date. Although it’s good to know where someone stands on the whole marriage and kids debate, asking you questions about these topics on the first date can be a bit much. If she looks a little disappointed when you say you’re not looking to get married or become a parent anytime soon, that’s a big red flag.
  9. She’s been engaged a few times. When she talks about her previous relationships, she mentions lots of long-term ones and a few that ended up with engagement rings. WTF? Is she that obsessed with getting married that she’s almost walked down the aisle with loads of exes?
  10. All her friends are married. This isn’t always a clear sign in and of itself that she’s marriage-obsessed, but if all her friends are married and she keeps talking about how amazing their lives are or how much she’d love to have what they have, then she’s probably thinking a little too much about marriage at this point. You can bet that all her married female friends keep asking her when she’s going to be the one to tie the knot. No pressure…
  11. You’re always going on couple dates with her. Those married friends of hers are such a big part of her life that she’s always inviting you out to dinner and BBQs with them. It feels like you’re slap-bang in the middle of Marriageville whenever you’re with her, and it can feel a little too claustrophobic, as though you’ve missed the casual dating phase and went straight to something more serious. Yikes.