How To Stand Out From The Other Guys When You Know She’s Considering Her Options

These days it’s pretty common for a person to be seeing several romantic interests simultaneously. But if you’re one of the people a woman is considering as a potential partner and you’re not sure how to be the one she chooses, here are a few things you can do to really stand out:

  1. Actually call her. Remember when phones were actually used as phones? It’s a relic of the past, perhaps, but going the extra mile to pull up the contact of the woman you’re interested in and hit “call” will take you far. Not only does it show that you’re into her, but it’s almost a guarantee that none of the other guys she’s talking to are doing it. If you want to make yourself memorable, actual phone calls will be your best friend.
  2. Text her often. A lot of guys just don’t think that much about texting a woman unless she’s his girlfriend or he wants sex. But women really appreciate a random check in every once in awhile to show that you’re thinking about them. Just ask her how her day is going or send her a funny cat video to make her smile. You don’t have to send her a bouquet of roses to show her you care. That can come later.
  3. Practice chivalry. Women love chivalry, but sadly, a lot of guys these days don’t feel as comfortable with it as men in previous generations, due in large part to the shocking realization that women might actually be equal to men. While it’s understandable that women don’t want to be treated like delicate flowers the way they were fifty years ago, there are many gestures, like opening doors and lending her your jacket, that are still pretty universally appreciated.
  4. Don’t be clingy. Obviously you need to make sure she knows you’re into her–now is not the time to be coy or play games–but you don’t want to be that guy who’s a little too desperate for her affections either. If you’ve texted her and she isn’t getting back to you, choose waiting over continuing to message her. She has her own life and just because she isn’t getting back to you right away doesn’t mean she’s not interested.
  5. Come up with unique dates. Why settle for dinner and a movie when you could take her stargazing on the rooftop of the highest building in town or go floating down a river somewhere? Introduce her to something new. Show her a part of your city she’s never seen. Being original is the best way to be memorable, and when you’re competing with several other guys for her attention, you definitely want her to remember you.
  6. Let her tell you what she wants. The nice thing about most women is that they’re pretty open about their feelings and what they want from relationships. The only issue is that sometimes guys check out when feelings enter the conversation, and consequently miss a lot of really useful information. She’ll tell you what kind of partner she wants, and chances are, the other guys won’t be paying attention. All you have to embody what she’s telling you.
  7. Be a good listener. If you can be a good listener, you’re already way ahead of the competition. A lot of women have to spend their first dates listening to whatever the guy wants to talk about, regardless of whether or not it’s interesting. Why don’t you be the one dude who actually turns the tables and listens to her for a change? It’ll make you irresistible.
  8. Playing hard to get is not your best strategy. When you’re competing with other guys for a woman, you have to be as available as she wants you to be. Playing hard to get really only works when you’re being pursued by someone, and now really isn’t the time. Just try to be there for her. Let her play hard to get while you pursue her. Women like to feel like they’re your greatest goal.
  9. Be cool. Along the lines of not being too clingy, try not to get too anxious or obsessed with the whole thing. Being confident and relaxed around her will make you feel a lot better, but more importantly, it will make you even more attractive to her. Confidence is sexy and she’s bound to notice.
  10. Don’t get entitled about it. At the end of the day you need to understand that if she doesn’t end up making you her priority, that’s her decision. It might suck for you for a little while, but don’t get aggressive or resentful about it. There are plenty of fish in the sea. And who knows? If it doesn’t work with whoever she ends up dating, she may give you another shot. But if you’re bitter and arrogant getting turned down, you are guaranteed to never get a second chance.