How You Know She’s Open To First-Date Sex

First-date sex is sometimes a thorny issue. If you’re keen on it, you might not be sure that your partner is too. Of course, asking is always a must, but first check out if she’s giving you any of these 10 signs which will make asking if she’s keen on going back to your place much easier to do.

  1. She’s being overly physically affectionate. This isn’t just about her touching your arm during conversation, which is standard flirting behavior. What we’re talking about is much deeper physical touch, like running her fingers along your thigh or touching another intimate area. Don’t get ahead of yourself because she’s not doing anything too direct like sticking her hand down your pants, but if she’s hanging all over you, she’s probably feeling it (and you).
  2. There are fireworks during your first kiss. If you reach in for a peck at the end of your date and she passionately sticks her tongue in your mouth, this could be seen as an invitation to ask her if she’d like to go back to your place. Of course, just because she wanted to have an amazing kiss, it doesn’t always mean she’s keen to go all the way, so see what she does after the kiss.
  3. She talks about sex openly and at length. She’s not blatantly saying she wants to do you (unless she’s that forward), but she’s asking you personal questions about sex. She might want to know what your favorite sexual positions are or what’s on your sex bucket list. It’s like she’s testing the waters and seeing how comfortable you are with talking about sex – and maybe doing it later.
  4. She’s curious about your living space. She’s not just asking if you where you live, she’s asking what the inside of your bedroom looks like and what your favorite sheets are. Hello, she’s clearly hinting that she’d like to see it for herself. Why not invite her over and see what she says?
  5. Her pupils are dilating when she speaks to you. If she’s staring at you and the pupils of her eyes are increasing in size, this means she could be aroused. If not, she’s definitely interested in what you have to say. A study by Cornell University found that when women looked at porn pics, their pupils dilated. It’s not exactly a foolproof method, but it’s something to think about.
  6. She keeps her body turned towards yours at all times. If it looks like her body’s pointed towards you, such as her feet or knees, and she’s even leaning into your space, it’s a sign she wants to move closer. Much closer.
  7. She’s blushing even without you saying anything to make it happen.  While she might blush during sexy talk, take note of more than her face. If she’s getting red from the neck down and onto her cleavage during normal conversation, it’s probably a sign of arousal. But bear in mind not all women will experience this (and you should make sure it’s not just from time spent in the sun earlier before you jump to conclusions).
  8. She asks about your roommates/who you’re living with (if anyone). If she’s interested in coming over to your place after a date, she’s going to be interested in who you live with as well as where they are currently. See, she’s hoping you’ll say no one’s there (particularly because you live alone and having your own place is sexy). When you do say that, watch her reaction. You might see her make intense eye-contact or give you the hint of a smile.
  9. She compliments you in a sexual way. She doesn’t just say you look good, she says your arms look very toned and strong. She doesn’t say you have a nice smile, she says your lips are attractive. She’s paying attention to the details in a lusty way, which is a sign she’s interested in getting up close and personal.
  10. She licks her lips. Of course, many women lick their lips for reasons that have nothing to do with wanting sex, but if she’s licking her lips while looking directly at you, it’s a provocative sign that she’s interested in more than chatter. She might be picturing her lips against yours.
  11. She’s doing all of the above without being drunk. It doesn’t count if she seems keen for sex but she’s totally drunk. If she’s doing any of the points in this article while sober, then you’re a little bit more sure that she’s honestly interested in having sex. But don’t forget to ask to make sure so that you don’t offend her by asking if she’d like to join you back at your place for a nightcap.