The Lazy Guy’s Workout Guide

Not all of us have the time or the energy for that matter to devote ourselves completely to a life dedicated to hours in the gym. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to walk around looking like a sack of potatoes. For all of the lazy guys like me out there, here are a few workouts that will deliver maximum results with minimum effort and leave you walking tall with a decent pump.

  1. Planks. Seriously, this could be your entire workout routine. Everybody can find a spare minute of motivation somewhere in their day. A few minutes spent planking each day will have your core and stomach feeling noticeably tighter. Your posture will improve, and you’ll genuinely feel fitter. Even if you can’t afford to do anything else, just plank.
  2. Squats. I’ve heard it said, “If you want big arms, Squat. If you want a big chest, squat.” Squatting releases a ton of testosterone into the bloodstream, which will help grow and repair your other muscle groups and will help with your motivation throughout the rest of the week. With or without weight on your back, the benefits of squatting are undeniable and go well beyond just building a solid foundation.
  3. 7-7-7 Curls. I like to call this one the air pump for my arms because after a few sets, you can literally see an inch or more added to your biceps. The idea here is to curl a comfortable weight for sets of 21, the first 7 reps being from the full extension down to the middle point of a normal curl, the second 7 being from the midpoint up to the top, and the final 7 being the full rep with a complete extension. This might sound easy, but you’ll feel the burn, and a few sets of these will have your arms looking noticeably bigger.
  4. Pull-ups. Throw a few sets of pull-ups into your daily routine. This underrated exercise targets so many muscle groups, from your stomach and core, lats, triceps, deltoids, shoulders, and back. This workout is like none other in providing a well-rounded approach to so many muscle groups simultaneously. Having your core and back muscles firmed will have you walking taller with better posture, instantly making you look better and your body look more solid.
  5. Dips. Here’s another workout that can pretty easily be incorporated into your daily repertoire. Doing a few good sets of dips will see your chest expanded, your biceps tightened, and your triceps bulging and looking cut. This upper body workout is perfect for days when time is limited but a good pump is essential. Plus, while dipping, you can easily build your abs as well by bringing your knees up as you dip, one at a time in a bike peddler’s motion. This will additionally target your stomach and help expedite your routine.
  6. Deadlift. This one might be a bit intimidating to some, but it doesn’t have to be. Light weights and a focus on form should be used until you’re confident and experienced enough to be a bit more hardcore. The benefits of this workout are unmatched. From your trape muscle all the way through your legs, this pull works your entire body with every rep. Your stomach will tighten and your shoulders will square up after just a handful of sets. Finding the opportunity to deadlift once a week will reap untold benefits on your physical form. Just remember to focus on safety and to stay within your comfort zone.
  7. Push-ups. My Dad used to tell me that if nothing else, to at least do push-ups everyday and my body would feel solid. This is another workout that targets multiple muscle groups and can be done with almost no time investment. Holding your body straight and tight while doing pushups will help strengthen your stomach and core, as well as build a solid chest and triceps. Changing your body’s positioning can also help you to target other specific muscle groups.
  8. V-up Crunches This exercise will build a cut and tight stomach in no time. For those unfamiliar, start by lying on your back, stretched out on the ground, with your arms fully extended behind your head. Lift your legs a few inches off of the ground and hold them there. Now try and move your hands and feet together while keeping your arms and legs straight and extended. It’s as if you’re trying to touch them together somewhere above your stomach. While it might be a little rough at first and your abdomen muscles may be hating you for some time after, this one is definitely worth it.

You have no excuse for not fitting these exercises into your daily routine. You’ll see results almost immediately and can stand a little taller and more confidently, knowing you’re taking better care of your body.