Male Masturbation Techniques You Probably Haven’t Tried Before

When you’re going through a dry spell, masturbation serves as a great fallback to get your business done. While you’ve probably been doing it since you were a teenager and you think you’ve tried every possible method of getting yourself off, there are still plenty of new techniques to try out.

  1. Tease yourself. You don’t have to immediately start pulling on your junk as soon as you find time to take care of yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t because going into it too quickly can make it all go away. You need to treat yourself! Try attempting to play with other parts of your body while you’re erect and don’t let yourself finish until you’ve discovered something new. By exploring yourself, you take the time to learn critical little details to what turns you on you can transfer over to a sexual session with a woman.
  2. Give edging a try. This term definitely falls under the teasing category. What you do is when you’re nearing the end, stop yourself from climaxing and wait a few minutes. You’ll stay erect for a couple minutes before your have to start masturbating again. As a result, you’ll find your sexual tension rising due to you nearly having arrived but you stop just before. Do this a couple times before you finally let yourself free.
  3. Use a sex toy. There are plenty of sex toys on the market for females, however, there are more and more options available for men these days too. These will make your masturbation sessions a lot more intimate as the toys will add a sense of realism to your sessions.  Also, when you do get a girlfriend, she might enjoy watching you use one before you have sex.
  4. Experiment with your prostate. Not every guy believes this, but you have dozens of sensitive nerves inside of your anus. Use these to your advantage by exploring the rim and the inside of your anus with your fingers. You may find a new level of pleasure when you couple this while you rub one out. Some guys may not be into this, and that’s okay, but don’t knock it until you try it. You’re only hurting yourself.
  5. Read some erotica. While you may want to use a porn video to help you masturbate right before you go to bed, there’s plenty of erotic literature out there for you to try. When you have more than couple minutes to spare, pick up an erotic novel. If reading an entire novel isn’t your style, stick to a fantasy you like and search for some online blog posts about it. There are likely dozens of writers out there who have posted their sexual fantasies so you can read and enjoy.
  6. Include your scrotum. Much like the anus, your scrotum is extremely sensitive to touch and you should explore these while you’re enjoying your shaft. Don’t roll them together or squeeze too much, but use your fingers as massaging tools and roll them out. You can explore both or just one at a time. Also, explore the area around your balls and penis. You’re going to be surprised by how many small nerves you’re going to find hanging around your thighs and your pubic hair.
  7. Ice your hand. Though a little odd, you’ll experience a pleasure you’ve never understood before. What you need to do is grab a small bowl of ice and bring it with you when you go to masturbate. Do your typical routine as you normally would, however, just before you’re about to climax, use your free hand to grab a few ice cubes and use those to massage your penis. Because you’re aroused, your junk is going to be on fire. The coolness from the ice has you experiencing these two sensations at once.
  8. Focus only on the tip. This will take you a few tries to get right. What you do is focus entirely on the tip of your penis. You’ll have to nimbly use your fingers to massage and tend to it while the rest gets erect. Because you’re not used to this, you may have to start out this way and then finish using your shaft. Once your the hang of it, focus on only using your tip to arrive to a climax. There are plenty of nerves up and you have plenty of fingers available.