Professional Men: You Need To Be On This Members-Only Dating App

If you think the major dating apps are a colossal waste of time, private, members-only dating app Cove is for you. The entire app is designed to facilitate real connections through conversation, and to push conversations beyond text messaging.  Plus, all women on the app are real and vetted (verified through Instagram) which means goodbye, catfishing!

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What makes COVE (COnversation + loVE) unique is that it has a charity and rewards-based system for women. They win points for overall random use of the app rather than for responding to individual messages. There’s a general incentive for women to actually give a shit and engage in the app—otherwise, you get a situation like Bumble or Tinder where matches often go absolutely nowhere with no conversation. Women can only accept a certain amount of invitations per week so you know that they’re being selective if they accept yours.

Single women often say they’d like to see guys make more of an effort, and guys always want more opportunities to interact with the women who catch their eye. The options online are endless, so how can women navigate the sea of single men’s profiles who are interested in them and be sure they’re choosing the right one? How many guys are genuinely interested in the women they swipe right on?

In Cove, guys who make a little effort by paying a cover charge to Cove for inviting a girl to #meetinthecove will simply have more opportunities. This is NOT a hookup app. For those who may not know this, there are a lot of women who are tired of and insulted by the right swipe/match/DTF routine. Only through legitimate conversation can two people establish a basic level of trust, comfort, or chemistry. Once that’s there, it’s time to take it offline.

Apply to COVE by downloading the app at  For a limited time, use referral code BPOB44 and if your application is accepted, you’ll receive $10 in free tickets.