Real Life Gadgets That Make You Look Like 007

It’s every little boy’s dream to grow up to be a secret agent. It used to be that kids growing up watching the James Bond films looked on in astonishment as Q unveiled gadgets that were nothing short of science fiction at the time. Nowadays kids see a spy film and they start to wonder where they can get some of that gear. While you may be out of luck finding a watch that shoots tranquilizer darts, there is a ton of affordable and readily available tech out there that will make you look like an international man of mystery.

  1. Sunglass cameraAs long as they’re not too cheap, sunglasses will always improve your look. All sunglasses are utilitarian since they keep UVA and UVB rays out of your eyes and don’t let the ladies see your wandering gaze, but some have another ultra-cool feature. There are a lot of sunglasses out there with built-in cameras that will not only make you look like a spy but also feel like one. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t use these to be a creep.
  2. Myo armbandThis one may veer from super spy territory right into superhero territory. The Myo armband wraps around your forearm and allows you to control your electronic devices through hand gestures. You won’t be able to summon an Iron Man suit, but you can control your phone and your computer through the air, which is pretty impressive.
  3. ORIILong before anyone had any idea what a smartphone was, every super spy had a communicator watch that allowed them to contact others discretely. While that technology has been here for a few years now, there is an even cooler idea on the horizon. The ORII is a tiny ring that functions like your favorite fitness wearable, but it also lets you receive phone calls by placing your finger by your ear. If that isn’t 007-esque, I don’t know what is.
  4. Lechal footwearWhy cramp your style with a wearable watch when you can put insoles in your shoes that do the same thing? These bad boys are far from just pedometers, though—they’re maps that guide you to your destination by giving you gentle vibrations that lead you in the right direction. If this wasn’t cool enough the way it is, the navigation feature works offline so you can hop off the plane in a foreign country and get to where you are going without having to worry about, well, anything.
  5. Taser ringSure, a knife ring is cool, but when it comes to awesome, nothing beats a stun gun inside of a ring. Of course, this piece of wearable technology should only be used for self-defense. Make sure to be smooth like Bond and not shock yourself every time you put your hand in your pocket.
  6. Night vision contact lenses. It seems as though these haven’t hit the market yet, but considering they were developed four years ago, they have to be coming any day now. Nothing gets more spy-like than having augmented vision at your fingertips. The graphene-based lenses are capable of seeing full-spectrum infrared light essentially giving you night vision. This is some next level stuff that will guarantee you never leave a dark club with any woman less than a seven.
  7. USB wristbandBeing a spy is all about the espionage, which means sneaking around sensitive information without being noticed. If you’re trying to download top secret files or just don’t want to forget the report you have saved on your computer, look into a USB wristband. They are so thin that they blend in next to your watch or could be added as a subtle accessory on your other wrist.
  8. TrackRIn almost every spy movie ever, there’s been there is a scene where the hero slips a tracker into someone’s pocket or underneath a car bumper. While TrackR was developed for the more forgetful of us to find our lost keys, it’s the same underlying technology.
  9. Pellet penIt always seems like superspies have some kind of gadget that will shoot anything from bullets to lasers and even bombs. While it would be irresponsible to sell actual pen guns, you can buy mini pellet guns in the form of a pen. These neat little toys will make you feel like 007 but only carry the danger of putting an eye out.
  10. Credit card pocket toolThe thing that makes Bond, Bond and Batman, Batman is that they have the means to get out of every sticky situation. Now you can too with a handy multitool that fits in your wallet. There are a ton of them out there to suit your needs but they are all handy in a bind.

There is a ton of super cool stuff out there if you look hard enough. I came across some less practical, but still awesome items like bulletproof suits and slash resistant shirts. As the great philosopher Drake once said, “What a time to be alive.”