Sex Positions To Help Make The Most Of What You’ve Got

According to a recent British study, not as big as internet porn would lead you to believe. Scientists at King’s College London measured the penises of over 15,000 men and found that the average size was 3.6″ long flaccid and 5.1″ long erect. In terms of circumference or girth, the average size was 3.7″ flaccid and 4.5″. This is far from the monsters most men brag about having, and most women would shy away from. Truth is, when it’s too big for a woman, it hurts. Studies show they enjoy average most.

Is bigger really better?

Not at all. Consider that 90% of the nerve endings in the vagina reside near its opening. These lie only about three inches deep. Plus, most women don’t orgasm through penetrative sex alone. It’ll take direct clitoral stimulation for roughly 12-14 minutes to do that. What’s more, when given the choice, most women pick greater girth over length. The reason is that too long a penis can smack the cervix, which is painful to say the least. Instead, greater girth stimulates those nerves near the vagina’s opening.

Does she wish your penis was bigger?

Surveys show that a short performance and erectile dysfunction are more prescient issues when it comes to women’s sexual pleasure. A whopping 85% of women are satisfied with their guy’s penis size, according to one study. It’s more important to invest in things like foreplay and include other activities such as digital or oral stimulation in order to improve her pleasure and give her an orgasm. Its porn, the media, and competition with other guys that make men insecure about the size of their units when in reality, the vast majority have everything they need to get the job done.

Technique trumps equipment

If you’re still concerned about size and how it might affect your performance, there are positions you can try which provide deeper penetration, allowing her to feel more filled up and stimulating her G-spot—an internal area associated with the clitoris. Proper stimulation can give a minority of women an internal orgasm.

The Butterfly

Here, the woman lies flat on her back, whether it be on a bed or a table. Her groin should be lower than yours. Lift her up by her butt and tilt her until you can penetrate her. One of those wedge cushions would work as well. In this position, it’s easy to stimulate her G-spot. If she squeezes her thighs together, it can add even more friction. This is a position you can both experiment with and enjoy.

Missionary With A Twist

Missionary in and of itself may not be so stimulating, but if you want to make it more riveting, a grinding or swirling motion can add to the fun. Some experts also say to rock back and forth rather than utilizing the usual in and out motion. This provides greater friction to the clitoris. For even deeper penetration, place her legs up on your shoulders. You’ll be able to thrust deeper.

Some women like this position because you can grind your pelvis on hers to stimulate her clit or G-spot. If you give a little room, she can even play with her clit. For another variation, have her cross her legs and the ankles. You can hold onto her shins as you thrust. This’ll increase stimulation to the vaginal walls.

Doggy Style

This position gives deeper penetration and allows for greater G-spot stimulation. She can also easily access her clitoris. There are plenty of variations with her pelvis higher or lower, with a pillow under her stomach or pelvis, and more. Play with this position and try several variations, and see which ones work for you two.

The Sofa Side Straddle

Here, you sit on the edge of the couch and she straddles you sideways. The advantage here is that the vagina walls get lots of stimulation, which is where a lot of nerve-endings can be found. Getting outside the bedroom can also spice things up.

The Piledriver

This might be best performed on a floor with comfortable carpeting. You lay your partner on her back with her legs in the air. For her, it’s almost like the “plow pose” from yoga. You can lift her butt and squat on top of her and enter her from above. If she spreads her legs, this position is called a spread eagle. This allows for deep penetration and lots of excitement.